03 September 2009

Written by Lee John Barnes

A well-written critique on the Canadian asylum grant to White South African Brandon Huntley, as seen from a pro-White British Nationalist perspective. Compulsory reading!
The Guardian Allows Anti-White Racists To Post On Their Site

One of the most disgusting and racist streams of venom I have witnessed has come from newspapers like The Guardian in its reporting of the recent decision of the Canadian government to allow a WHITE South African to claim asylum in Canada because of him being persecuted because he is white.


It appears that in the sick and twisted minds of liberals, all forms of racism are evil - except those directed at White people.

Lets analyse a few of the comments the Guardian allowed to be posted on the site ;

1) The official unemployment rate for white South Africans is 4.6% percent, compared with 27.9% percent for black South Africans despite an affirmative action programme.

That is utterely irrelevant to the issue of anti-white racism. The fact that Whites are more likely to be working than blacks is to do with the fact that many South African blacks have major self created social and individual problems which means they create their own unemployment. The fact that the law in South Africa has positive discrmination policies and affirmative actions that actively and racistly penalise whites means that if blacks in South Africa are unemployed it is their own fault. When the law is actively discriminating against whites when they seek employment, then it is impossible to say that the white employment is based on racism - in fact it can be argued that the white unemployed are the ONLY victims of racism, as they would probably be working if South Africa did not have anti-white racist employment policies that favour blacks.

2) Frans Cronje, deputy director of the South African Institute of Race Relations, said he sympathised with Huntley as an individual but there were myths around white victimhood. “If he has been stabbed so many times, I can understand his state of mind,” he said. “The impression of persecution is very real but it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.”

In this country we are using the McPherson Report definition of racism which states that if the victim believes he was attacked due to his race - that was a racist attack. Therefore the fact he has been stabbed 7 times and racially abused during those attacks = RACISM. The fact that the Guardian journalists are refusing to apply the same standard to this case, as cases against blacks in the UK, proves the innate racism of the Guardian.

Imagine if a Black man had been stabbed 7 times in London and racially abused each time - The Guardian would have already started a campaign for a public inquiry, opened a community centre in his name, given a life peerage to his parents and named a charity in his name. One standard for blacks , one standard for whites.

3) He added: “We have found no evidence that white South Africans are targeted because of race. The truth is that black South Africans are far and away more likely to be victims of violent crime. There are problems with the criminal justice system but again blacks are most likely to suffer.”

Here we see the most disgusting evidence of racism.

The fact is that racist nations like South Africa DO NOT WANT TO FIND RACISM - and therefore they dont look for it, they dont report it and they dont classify it as existing.

The same thing happens in the UK with the Equality Commission. The Equality Commission does not look for racist attacks and racism against whites in the UK, as it does not want to find such racism - as if it did then it would have to investigate it, publicise it and deal with it. Therefore it is ignored, EVEN THOUGH WHITES ARE THE MAJORITY VICTIMS OF RACISM IN THE UK.

As regards the issue of black crime - that is irrelevant. Blacks killing blacks is not racist. Blacks targeting whites, attacking whites and killing whites on the grounds of their race is racist.

To state that blacks are the majority victims of crime is utterely irrelevant, the issue is the racial attacks by blacks on whites.

To say in this country that ‘whites are the majority victims of crime, and therefore there are no race attacks against blacks’ would result in the Equality Commission howling with rage that you are a racist !

4) As a white South African who actually lives in South Africa and who thrives in South Africa, to suggest that we are persecuted is patently absurd.

Here we see another Guardianista idiot. I have NEVER seen anyone black being racially abused in the UK, yet I do not deny such incidents occur in the UK. The fact this idiot hasnt been a victim of racism YET, doesnt mean anything. Unless this idiot is omipotent and able to experience what EVERY white in South Africa is feeling and experiencing, then his individual perception is utterly irrelevant.

5) As a middle-aged white male, I live in Johannesburg, SA, and have lived in cities across SA all my life. I regularly travel to and through previously-disadvantaged areas - like the well-known Soweto - though I am generally confined to areas I live and work in, which are more affluent. I have never been the subject of a violent crime, race-based or other. I do not deny this being the case for many other South Africans, some so horrible it hurts just to be aware of it (imagine being the victim).

The stark reality however is that a black citizen is statistically far more likely to be a victim of violent crime, race-based or otherwise. I believe the place for all South Africans to work towards a better future is South Africa, and though many of my compatriots have suffered crime, our only hope as a nation is to work towards it. That said, I have no qualm with people who cannot bear it leaving.

Here we see another white liberal idiot parroting the media line - as stated above the fact he hasnt been a victim YET is irrelevant, the fact is that Brandon Huntley was a victim of racism.

Levels of black crime are also irrelevant - the issue is race crimes against whites.

6) RustyRooster, obviously we don’t all know one another, yet I am white and live in very much the same area that Huntley lived. Yes there is much crime, but this happens across all race groups. In addition, it seems he did not report one of the seven assaults to the police http://www.mg.co.za/article/2009-09-...rges-with-cops I am careful about crime, but I certainly do not feel persecuted because of the colour of my skin.

Why report it when you know nothing is going to be done about it as the police are as racist as the racists and the government.

The same thing happens in the UK with the equality commission - when whites report race crimes the Equality Commission does nothing, they just delete the e mail or ignore the letter.

The Guardian is a racist paper.