Stefan Petzner, the former life person of Jörg Haider and member of the orange party called “BZÖ”, promised his most bitter resistance against a camp for asylum seekers in Carinthia. He labeled the idea of Austrias interior minister Maria Fekter (Peoples Party) to choose the place for the camp in Carinthia by a contest as “crazy idea” and “bizarre”.

Petzner is also unhappy about the expense for this special kind of contest. Only delivery and printing costs of the advertising materials took 12.000 Euro. The making of a survey about the camp for asylum seekers took even 25.000 Euro. “This lucrative job was given to a protégé of the Peoples Party”, Petzner said.

The names of the Carinthian villages who applied in the contest to win a camp for asylum seekers is the most closely guarded secret. Interior minister Maria Fekter is very silent about it. The reason is crystal clear. When the first participant of the contest was published (Bad Eisenkappel), massive protests of the inhabitants from the affected village caused a withdrawal of the participation.