Across the country, firefighter entrance exams have been under heavy scrutiny because of their disparate impact on African-American candidates.
A federal judge recently ruled New York City had discriminated against black and Hispanic candidates for entry-level firefighter jobs from 1999-2007.
The discrimination stems from past entrance exams, which contained eighty-five multiple choice questions on firefighting techniques.
According to federal judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, the city "did not take sufficient measures to ensure that better performers on its examinations would actually be better firefighters."
During the period in question, the city appointed more than 5,300 entry-level firefighters based on test results. Black firefighters accounted for roughly 3 percent of those jobs.
Shayana Kadidal is a lawyer with the Center for Constitutional Rights, a non-profit legal organization.
The center represented the Vulcan Society, a fraternal group of black firefighters, which brought the suit against the city.