Sam Herren
Heathen Kinship Kindred of Houston, TX

Join the Heathen Kinship to Celebrate Odin’s Holiest Day

Houston, TX - - September 02, 2009 - - The Houston Asatru group, The Heathen Kinship Kindred of Houston Texas today announced the details of their public celebration to honor Odin on the holiest day of the millennium. The ceremony will be held on Wednesday, September 09, 2009 at 9:00 am at T.C. Jester Park in Houston, Texas. Anyone who is Asatru and would like to join in on the celebration is welcome. Those who are interested in the religion or who simply want to view the ceremony may observe as well.

“Wednesday was the day given to Odin. His name in the Germanic language is Woden, thus Woden’s day is our Wednesday. In addition to Wednesday being the day of the week most sacred to Odin, the number 9 is the holiest number in our religion,” says Sam Herren, leader of the Heathen Kinship Kindred. “Having the ninth day of the ninth month in the year 2009 fall on a Wednesday makes this a unique and holy day for Asatruar who want to honor Odin.”

Anyone who would like to participate or observe is welcome. The celebration will be held promptly at 9:00 am at T.C. Jester Park located at 4237 T.C. Jester Blvd. in Houston, Texas, north of the swimming pool and parking lot. The same day there will be a sumble, or series of formal toasts, to honor Odin held at a private residence. Anyone attending the ceremony is invited to the sumble and should ask a representative of the Heathen Kinship Kindred for details and location.

Asatru is the native religion of Scandinavia and Northern Europe and they recognize Odin (or Woden) as the highest of the gods. Asatruar hold themselves to living a life dedicated to honor, courage, truth, hard work, self-discipline and love of life. The Heathen Kinship Kindred is dedicated to the continuing education of those who are Asatru or who are interested in it as well as celebrating the holy days. They hold weekly classes and regular social activities and celebrations. For more information on Asatru or the Heathen Kinship of Houston, Texas please see their website at


ABOUT THE HEATHEN KINSHIP KINDRED OF HOUSTON, TX – The Heathen Kinship Kindred or Houston, TX is dedicated to the natural religion of the Nordic/Germanic people and to providing local Asatruar a place to honor the gods and goddesses during the great blessings of the year. They also provide a source of information to the general public, in an effort to educate people on the nature of the religion. They can be found on the Internet at

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