More politically correct crap, this time from Austria:

Vienna , Aug 25 (AFP) The Austrian army will no longer take part in an annual memorial ceremony during which veterans of the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS are honoured, the defence minister has said .
Held each September since 1958 on top of the Ulrichsberg mountain in the southern province of Carinthia, the gathering sparks controversy every year, not least because of its official status. The army takes care of logistics and politicians give speeches.

" This event does not sufficiently distance itself from National Socialist ideology," Defence Minister Norbert Darabos said on the ORF television channel.

"It&aposs the final straw,"said Darabos, a member of Austria&aposs Social Democratic party, referring to reports that one of the organisers, Wolf Dieter Ressenig, is said to be selling Nazi memorabilia on the Internet.

In recent years the event has become a meeting point for members of the European extreme right, attracting numerous neo- Nazis as well as veterans of the Waffen SS from several countries.

The far-right nationalist leader Joerg Haider triggered international outrage at the event in 1995 when he paid tribute to the Waffen SS, describing it as a group"of honest citizens who knew how to stay true to their convictions.