At a meeting of Flemish nationalists journalist Frans Crols, himself a Flemish nationalist, stated that if Flanders is to become independent it must renounce Brussels. This thesis is bold but simplistic, the left-liberal daily De Standaard writes: "The confrontation strategy has dominated Flemish political culture for years. Radicals can accept only the division of Belgium as an outlook for the future, and everything must be subordinate to this. If Brussels is an obstacle then Brussels had better believe it. And the city is indeed an obstacle for the dogma of separatism, because so far there has not been a single separation plan that comprises an acceptable solution for Brussels. Nor is there likely to be one. Brussels is the heart … of the Flemish economy and what's more the city is inextricably interwoven with Flanders economically, socially and from a city planning perspective. … That even the agreeable Frans Crols has given up the 'don't let go' of Brussels dogma is a sign of the impatience that now prevails in Flemish radicalism."