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Thread: Turning 18 on December 19!

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    Smile Buddys b-day is soon hehe

    HaHa porn is all good I dont know about the shot gun idea but the whole strip club ahh no not till im 18 LoL sorry youll have to wait to more years lol cause im soo young LoL..Yea you need your license and your own house LoL

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    Originally posted by Sicklecellanemia
    Happy birthday to you for tomorrow Nazz.
    It gives me hope to see people who are so young be so dedicated to the survival of our race.
    I actually thought that you were both older than what you are.
    Thanks a lot Sicklecellanemia, I really appreciate, let us hope that the young people who love the Aryan Race can gather and achieve a form of centralisation of ideas to define our Ideological Standpoint for the struggle. Sometimes I could wish I lived in America so I can do something as a White Activist but come to think about it why would I transfer myself to a Multiracial Hell. Somewhere in Europe would be better maybe, but considered anti-racist legislation it is also a bad situation, anyways struggles exist to be walked upon, or maybe marched upon at the sound of the goose step, hehe.

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