Man sues over 'Dutchman' slur

2009-08-18 10:20

Pretoria - A board member of Nissan SA wants to "clear his name" in the North Gauteng High Court after an incident outside a golf clubhouse in Pretoria, where he says he was called a "typical fucking Dutchman" and a "fucking Vlok".

Johan Paul Kleynhans is claiming R200 000 due to alleged slander by Brian Read. Both men live on the Woodhill golf estate in eastern Pretoria.

It is believed that Read uttered these words to Kleynhans outside the golf estate's clubhouse.

Read allegedly asked Kleynhans: "Are you going to wash my feet as well?"

He also allegedly said: "You're a fucking cunt."

Read's defence was that those words were justified.

Counter claim lodged

Read lodged a counter claim of R250 000 against Kleynhans.

He alleged that Kleynhans called him a "kafferboetie" and a "soutie".

Read was claiming damages for the alleged violation of his privacy, damage to his reputation and emotional well-being.

Kleynhans testified that he had taken part in the last four-ball on Sunday, October 29 2006 at a golf event on the estate.

At the time, he was chief executive of finances at Nissan.

He was the last player to leave the clubhouse, and paid the bill of R2 000. This included a R200 tip for Maestro Morake, a waiter.

Argued over another tip

In the parking area, Morake brought Kleynhans a handbag that someone had left in the clubhouse by accident. Read was with Morake. Read wanted Morake to get a tip for bringing out the handbag.

According to Kleynhans, he responded that he had already given Morake a tip.

It was then, according to Kleynhans, that Read uttered those "racist" words.

"I thought he was going to assault me. Maestro had to hold him back."

Kleynhans had been at the clubhouse with his son's company car.

He testified that Read opened one of the car's rear doors further than it should be opened, and thus caused damage. For this, Kleynhans is claiming R2 508.

Read acknowledged the damage to the vehicle in his court documents, but alleged it was an accident.

Taken by surprise

Kleynhans denied calling Read a "kafferboetie" and a "soutie".

"I didn't say anything."

He was "completely" caught by surprise that such an incident could take place on a Sunday afternoon.

"I was literally trembling."

Due to his position at Nissan, he didn't want to hide anything, and therefore discussed the incident with his superiors.

Kleynhans testified that he was trying to defend his honour.

Wants to clear his name

He was trying to prove his version of the story. "It is very, very important to clear my name."

Morake testified that he had told Read that he had already received a tip.

He testified that Read had said to Kleynhans: "You Dutchmen are all the same."

Kleynhans asked Read to calm down.

Furthermore, Morake testified that Read "became aggressive" and said "I'll moer you".

Morake also testified that Read had said "Vlok, Vlok, something".

The case continues.