I have some questions about Vigrid, I have been trying to read up on this organization but it is difficult not speaking Norwegian and all, its difficult to understand nuances in the text, so Im asking here.

I have read most threads here and have some questions.
There are many critical voices about the spokes person Thorgrim Bredesen, is he coherent or is he a raving lunatic? He speaks about international Zionism but use the old NS term international jewery is the only “extreme” statement I have found.

Are Vigrid NS? or is that just uninformed people that call every form of critique against multiculturism or zionism natzi or racist? I cant seem to find anything that would suggest Vigrid being NS or Racist.

Are Vigrid ethnopluralistic? It says on their homepage that they are the only organization in Norway that are against assimilation, is that accurate? But I cant find that they officially state being ethnopluralistic anywhere either.
I get the impression that even ethnically conscious Norwegians are very uninformed about ethnopluralism and what it stands for, why is that? Norway is probably the best country in the world at English as a second language so it should be no problem getting literature.
To read up on ethnopluralism Richard McCulloch`s book is available online. (even thou he uses unfortunate terminology it is still very good in essence) http://www.racialcompact.com/