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Thread: The Weight of Tradition: Why Judaism is Not Like Other Religions

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    The Weight of Tradition: Why Judaism is Not Like Other Religions

    ... Judaism is not just "another religion." It’s unique among the world’s major religions. The core values and ethos of Judaism are markedly unlike those of Christianity, Islam, and the other great faiths ... A core message of the Hebrew scriptures is that Jews are a divinely "chosen" people -- a unique community distinct from the rest of humanity ... The seemingly intractable Middle East conflict is more than just a problem of Zionism or politics, or a dispute over land. Israel’s often arrogant policies, and especially its inhumane treatment of non-Jews, have roots in centuries-old attitudes that are laid out in ancient Jewish religious writings.

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    A rabbi came to my school a few years ago for a cultural education demonstration (as well as an imam). I asked him about this specifically, the Jewish idea that they are God's chosen people, and his answer was that Jews were chosen to suffer for the sake of the world. Apparently his answer was meant to make it sound less arrogant, but it still sounds like they have a Messianic view of their people as a whole.

    Anyway, just thought some people might be interested in hearing the Jewish answer to such questions.

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