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Thread: Could Someone Recommend Me a Good German Beer?

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    Like I said earlier, I don't drink except on rare special occasions, but I still found this article to be very fascinating.

    An 'all malt' beer is made according to the Reinheitsgebot and traditional beer brewing techniques. The deep and rich flavor of an 'all malt' beer certainly differentiates itself from non all-malt beers. Hite Prime, proudly an all-malt beer, received its name because of its purity and inimitable quality.

    The Reinheitsgebot is a German proclamation announced by the provincial council of Bavaria on April 23, 1516. It can be translated as the Pure Beer Law and was designed to protect the quality of beer. This 1516 proclamation states: "The only ingredients of beer must be Barley, Hops, and Water." To date, the majority of beers produced in Germany, and indeed in Europe, are made of pure barley, following the Reinheitsgebot. In a word, the Reinheitsgebot is a symbol of pride for beer brewers.

    1. Hite Prime is a prime-quality beer brewed faithfully to the spirit of the Reinheitsgebot and German beer brewing tradition. - Korean beers have been made of mixed ingredients, which include corn flour. Hite Prime, however, following the sprit of the Reinheitsgebot, is a top-quality beer, made purely of 100% barley.

    2. Hite Prime, as it is made of 100% barley unlike the existing Korean beers, boasts a rich aroma and deep flavor. It also generates a long-lasting fine foam that preserves the cool and refreshing taste of freshly poured beer.

    3. World renowned beers are all purely made of 100% barely. All-malt beer dominates most of the European beer market, and world-renowned brands such as Carlsberg, Heineken, and Beck's are all pure barley beer. Unfortunately, Korea has not produced pure barley beer till now. However, Hite is going to change that history with its new product Hite Prime, Korea's first pure barley beer made by the traditional German beer brewing techniques, but developed independently by Hite.

    4. Hite Prime will become the second legend by Hite. Hite, which has led the Korean beer market, created a legend in the beer market with the success of the first Hite Beer with emphasis on clean water drawn up from deep underground rock beds. It is once again going to create a legend, with its new 100% pure barley beer, Hite Prime. The second landmark achievement of Hite Brewery Company, Hite Prime! This was only possible because of Hite's dedication to develop clean and pure beer and its belief in 'brand-keeperism'. The rich flavor of 100% barley beer along with the pure deep-underground water will once again shake the Korean beer market.

    5. Hite Prime is made for consumers. It was developed based on years of research and after several rounds of consumer surveys, to best reflect consumer taste. According to a 2001 consumer survey, over 87% of the surveyed said they would buy the new beer and showed a higher satisfaction with Hite Prime than with existing beers.
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    There is some long-time relaxation to the strict wording of "barley, hops and water", especially as concerns traditional methods of brewing:

    • Wheat beer is brewed "according to the Bavarian Beer Purity Law" even though by direct definition, wheat is not to be included.

    • Using malt from non-barley grain is permitted for top-fermenting beers, but not for bottom-fermenting bers.

    • Whilst bottom-fermenting beers must use barley only, this can be ignored if it is top-fermented first and only later bottom-fermented.

    • Some German states allow the use of sugar for top-fermenting beer whilst other forbid it. It is generally forbidden for bottom-fermenting beer.

    However, what is never allowed is the use of other natural ingredients, including non-malted grain or fruit. These are part of many traditional beers in other old beer-brewing countries such as Belgium, but in Germany this is not allowed --- and before an ECJ decision from 1987 it could not have been sold as "beer" but would have had to be labelled as something else.

    That ECJ decision is of course highly controversial down here, because it means that people can sell "fermented maize water" [non-malted grain/crop!] like Corona under the label of "beer" which is TBH quite an atrocity.
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    (Heimdalls Wacht, In kalte Schatten versunken, stanzas 4-6)

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