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Thread: Jawbone find shows Neanderthal 'Samaritans' helped the weak

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    Post Jawbone find shows Neanderthal 'Samaritans' helped the weak

    Jawbone find shows Neanderthal 'Samaritans' helped the weak

    Researchers say Neanderthals may have had the first social services system for the weak and needy.

    A 175,000-year-old jawbone, found in France, shows its owner lived for many years without teeth.

    Scientists say it shows the Neanderthal must have been fed by his or her family and friends.

    Serge Lebel, from the University Of Quebec in Montreal, and Erik Trinkhaus of Washington University in Missouri, say the find may put back the date when early humans took care of their sick by 100,000 years.

    It is thought others in the group chewed food for the Neanderthal who had a serious abscess which made chewing difficult and painful.
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