Mexicans are now upset at Canada for its allegedly rough and racist treatment of Mexican arrivals.

...[F]or Mexicans such as Armando Andria, a 25-year-old systems engineer who was detained and sent back to Mexico in April of last year after flying into Toronto on vacation, the experience changed his view of Canada.

I thought Canada was a friendly country, un amigo, he told The Globe and Mail. I had no idea they treated people in this way.

On arrival at Lester B. Pearson International Airport, he was immediately accused of wanting to live permanently in Toronto.

They accused me of lying and said I had no plans to return home, Mr. Andria said. They went through my suitcase and said I had a lot of clothing for a 15-day trip. They even went through all my toiletries looking for drugs. Finally, two immigration detention officers arrived, handcuffed me and took me to a detention centre, just like I was a criminal.

I asked to be permitted to make a call and they wouldnt let me, Mr. Andria continued. In the morning, two officials came back, told me I wasnt allowed to enter Canada and must return to Mexico. They handcuffed me, put me in a van and took me back to the airport. I left at 8 p.m. that night on a flight back to Mexico City.

I lost my vacation time and my money. I would have expected this from the U.S. but never from Canada. It would almost be better if Canada had a visa requirement for Mexicans. At least then the rules would be clearer.

Ms. Molina, the psychologist who was sent home when she tried to visit Vancouver, has since found another way of getting together with her Canadian boyfriend. He moved to Mexico City to work and be with her. But she still hesitates to try her luck with Canada again.

If we go visit his family, she said, Im afraid theyll do the same to me again.

Mexicans Find A Rough Welcome Mat In Canada

But this cannot be right. According to Canadian conservatives (ie. USA fifth columnists), National Review, and Mark Steyn, Canuckistan is a wimpy, PC, Euro/UN- loving, liberal country unlike the patriotic, virile, and tough USA - the Wests last hope. Im so confused!