The Hypocras is a seasoned wine very common in the medieval fests in France and was used in Antiquity and Middle Age.

This wine, very similar in the taste to the Glüh Wein (hot wine in the germanic area), is drunk cold before the lunch.
It has tonifying vertues and can help for digestion or for coldness and throat aches.
It's also a sexual booster !

There are several ways to make this wine, you can drink it hot or ice cold, mix it mit fruits such as grape etc..

I'll show you the basic way to make it :

What you need :
- A bottle of red wine (for exemple french Côtes du Rhône) . Some people use white wine.
The nature of the wine will influence the taste and it's better not to take a wine with strong taste or an expensive one. I usualy take first price Côte du Rhône.
- Liquid honney (you can melt it yourself by warming it ) : more or less 150 grams, depends on how you like it sweet.
- Ginger powder : 2-3 tablespoons
- Cinnamon powder : 2-3 tablespoons
- 8 cardamom pods
- 8 cloves

Prepairing the wine :

The quantities I gave are indicative. The best way to make it good is to mix and taste until it looks good (but be careful not to drink all the wine doing that!!!).

First mix the wine and the honney. They have to be mixed well, homogeneous. I sujest you just to make enough honney to hide the wine bitterness. If it's too sweet, it will be disgusting.

Then add the ginger, but do it very slowly, mixin and tasting, because it's realy strong !
Then do the same with cinnamon.
Mix it up very well and taste if everything is good.

Then you can simply throw the cardamom and the cloves in the wine or put it in a tea bag.

Let it macerate between 12 and 24 hours than filtrate it and put it in a bottle. There will allways be a little sediment but that's not a problem.

There you've got your Hypocras bottle !!
I suggest you to put it in the fridge and dring it cold with first course as dried meat, smoked ham or cheese.

This wine can also be usefull for sumbels, sacrifices or libations.