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Thread: The NS Government Wanted to Deport Jews to USSR Before the War

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    The NS Government Wanted to Deport Jews to USSR Before the War

    A document found in a Moscow archive suggests that the Soviet leadership may have rejected a Nazi German proposal to deport Jews from German-occupied territories to the Soviet Union in 1940.

    A Russian historian working in Germany has published an article in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper describing a letter he said he obtained that raised the possibility of Germany resettling Jews in Ukraine and Siberia.

    The historian, Pavel Polian, said the letter, dated Feb. 9, 1940, was written by Yevgeny Chekmenyov, a Soviet official in charge of resettlement, and addressed to then Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov.

    The letter discusses a German proposal made to the Moscow government to move more than 2 million Jews from Poland, Austria and Czechoslovakia to the Soviet Union.

    Polian believes it was written by Adolf Eichmann and Alois Brunner who were in charge of Nazi Germany’s Jewish emigration centers in Berlin and Vienna.

    Germany and the Soviet Union had a non-aggression pact at the time. But the Soviet leadership apparently rejected almost immediately the idea of accepting more than 2 million Jews from German-occupied countries, according to Polian.

    “We cannot take these Jews. We have an awful lot of our own already,” Chekmenyov wrote in the letter to Molotov. He closed his letter by saying: “I would appreciate your guidance.”

    The possible deportation of Jews to the Soviet Union was one option mulled by the German government seeking to find a territorial solution to what the Nazis referred to as the “Jewish question”.

    During the late 1930s and early 1940s Nazi officials had also proposed other ways of evicting Jews from Europe, such as deporting them en masse to the island of Madagascar.

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    For Germany to have Russia put Jewry back in the Pale of Settlement and the Autonomous Oblast, is not as much a final solution as Zionism, although I do have empathy for the Russian situation, but no more than the experiences of any other nation beset with Semites. Practically speaking, Britain had the most common-sense strategy of dispensing with both the Ghetto and dismantling Turkey, as Madagascar is non-sequitur. We find ourselves obliged to back up the Zionists so the Balkans are not to be overcome like before, seeing how Yugoslavia was as much a failure as the Yugo.

    It's not simply the Holocaust narrative that empowers Israel to keep the Caliphate down by proxy, so no Sultan again crosses the Hellespont. Nevertheless, it's rank hypocrisy to let Israel do what Germany wanted regarding Lebensraum and for Western Allies to take down the Soviets despite Yalta like Germany planned despite the Ribbentrop and Molotov peace pact. Allied copycatting of the Axis regarding Russia aside, the Axis didn't have any real vision for cleaning house in the Middle East, since they inherited the Central Powers stance of enabling the Ottomans to begin with--arguably inspired by the Crimean War idiocracy.

    If only Germany and Austria were founding, permanent members of the UN Security Council instead of Russia and China, the world would be a better place. Neither Axis nor Allied agendas were perfect, but deeply flawed and perhaps unwittingly suicidal, in the short and long terms respectively. I know at least, that I'd much prefer global issues be dealt in concert with Berlin and Vienna than Muscovy and Peking, for maybe the proliferation of sundry and diverse other Ghettos wouldn't be taking place where Jewry once were in our contemporary situation wherein "ISIS" has been fought.

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