Who would agree with me?

I was considering the scenario, if Hitler & Mussolini had been victorious, along with their ideologies (the ideology victorious at that point in history also), that Europe would still be more a product of Enlightenment values, than the Arab world, Africa, Asia and possibly even the United States, and what is today labeled 'political correctness', and the 'social democrat' type foundation of much of modern Europe in our own timeline, would still end up overtaking Europe in a few years if not immediately thereafter also, even if under the Nazi banner.

The actions done in the holocaust and such, would not ever be disseminated after a victory on the side of the axis powers, so no such thing would need ever be justified as morally correct... the ethic traditions of Europe are still very 'enlightenment' due to every thinker that had already been up to that point in the early modern era and so many still having that tradition.

After a theoretical natural death of Hitler, many more politically correct beliefs would begin to again take hold, or more likely even before.. maybe a sole difference for Europe would be a more liberal bent with freedom of speech for 'hate speech' that would still be allowed, and maybe no hate crime legislation, or maybe even so! Hitler himself had speeches full of female equality and equality, so maybe even things implemented by Hitler after his victory that are very "enlightenment"

Maybe had any jews survived, they would be seen as a anomaly and not seen as "threatening" as had been ingrained in the victorious ideology, and they would be given 'reparations' still anyway. Not necessarily backpeddling against the ideology of the victors in this timeline, such as being sorry for the "exportation", but rather just a way of saying "now that we've *relocated* the majority of your people, here have this, you are an interesting relic of a former time now" is all.

Who here has anything to say as to the likelihood of this happening: what reasons why, what reasons why not, that the entire people of Europe could be swayed by such moral inertia that they would go off the tracks of their "enlightenment" type morality that they had been going in the direction of in one way or another since.... well.... I'd say before Christianization (many pagan groups were very egalitarian, most Greeks & Romans authors said "barbarians" treated woman as equals, like giving them the right to divorce, etc., to such a notable degree to their own interpretation that it stood out to themselves, the Greeks & Romans. Those Greeks etc., being the closest to the mediterranean sea and to adjacent non-European cultures and therefore non-European values.)... I would say one European political movement couldn't completely nullify such a tradition, and maybe didn't even want to, or at least could be interpreted as not wanting to by the heirs of the Nazi & Fascist movements, in their speeches they certainly wanted well wishes for the future the social equality on some level, just not control over the means of it like Communism.

Any agreements, arguments?