Huguenots expelled from Bourbon France were descended from the ones who got their Navarrese founder Henry IV on the throne, over and above the seditious Catholic League of de Guise, before Louis XIV ungratefully treated them worse than his own father Louis XIII. It must be remembered that French policy of persecuting their own Protestants led the Huguenots to Prussia and then the French supported them against Austria. Weirdly despicable, right? Not as bizarre and unforgivable as supporting the Ottomans against Austria. France has been off the wall since the Valois, but I doubt that would have been the case had the Plantagenets not capsized in the Wars of the Roses.

Those Huguenots leaving were middle class and enterprising, so it's no surprise they brought technical skills and professionalism to Prussia that soon was lagging in France. It's no different than von Braun and others in Operation Paperclip being a brain drain from Germany afterward boosting America. That doesn't make America look any worse than acknowledging contributions to Prussia from France. In fact, it can be said that yes, the transition to Reformed and a United Church had the effect of a shot in the arm, going beyond the basic Evangelical shift when Prussia was secularised. This same process happened in England and America, so there is merit in the claim, not for ethnic "enrichment", however.