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Thread: Techno-Heathenry.... A Treatise

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    Techno-Heathenry.... A Treatise

    I wrote this just last night.... It's not complete, but wanted to post it anyways.

    Comments, criticism, and all around hatred are encouraged!
    ________________________________________ _____

    Techno-Heathnery: A Treatise
    By: Hellasson
    July 6, 2009

    Part I: Introduction/Hilarious Musings

    Look at the date on your computer screen right now, oh technologically-inclined one.... Do you see it?

    How is this affecting you?

    Fellow heathen of the Germanic ways.... Do you still revel in the days of yore, where and arcane rituals still take place in mystical groves under the trappings of the night sky?

    Why, if I may hark of thee? What draweth thyself to such ancient (read: mothballed) delights?

    Idealistic notions of the “past”, and everything that we have read from our lore... Our Sagas.... Even if one does take it all in at face value, what impact does this have on us today as a whole?

    Idealism is fine, and certainly warranted to those of ample spirit and vigor to bring back the traditions of our ancients... Our ancestors.... Our gods.

    Now, think for a few minutes about the possibility of this.... No matter how much of a traditionalist you might perceive yourself to be....

    You are a modern person, living in a modern world, with modern conveniences. Man (and I'm speaking in terms of all ethnic backgrounds here) has conquered so much upon our Jorth, and almost every adversarial thing She throws our way. The Odinic/Heimdallian (is that even a word) spirit of evolution and advancement is something that we (Germanics), as a meta-tribe, embrace as a whole, whether we realize this or not.

    Then why the hell are we STILL so firmly rooted in the past?

    And what makes YOU think the gods still hold on to the ancient world as such? Would such beings of omniscience prefer to still utilize drinking horns for their sauce of choice and (heavens forbid) still utilize Iron-Age weaponry?

    Something tells me the Einherjar are not splitting each other in half with battle-axes anymore.... And if they were, I would question their preparation for the coming storm that the prophecy of the Three Sisters foretold... Surt and his embodiment of nuclear finesse against waves of nothing more than foot-soldiers of a bygone era.... OF COURSE Yggdrasil would be in peril!

    If the gods are aware of concepts such as evolution and changing-times (and judging how Odinn gave us the Runa, and Heimdall gave us social stratification as the lore states, they are aware of such concepts) then it would be prudent to assume that they too change for the times as well.

    Plus, I have serious doubts that Freyja would be wearing the same getup that she did back in the Viking era.... I mean, the Lady has serious fashion needs that MUST be fulfilled! (Brísingamen ring a bell, anyone?)

    Part II: Realizations (Or how I knew change was needed)

    I am an Odian. A practitioner of the magical arts of our Germanic ancestors. Adherent of the Left Hand Path of heathenry. I construct my own views of our gods and lore, either through magical gnosis or just from the torrential chaos known as my imagination.

    I have been quite uncomfortable with the way things have been done with modern heathenry a little while after I first started seriously studying/practicing it.

    In magical ritual, certain things would either get in my way or just seem completely pointless. The first one that really comes to mind was the drinking horn....

    (Note: This section seems pointless, but as stated before, chaos rules me, even when I am trying to make a point through written word).

    The Runa are truly fantastical entities all by themselves. They are living and breathing, and carry energies charged into them by our folk for generations. One of the many uses I utilize them for in my magic is via gealdoring (singing/intoning/screaming) a certain rune or rune set into a medium (in this case, a liquid such as Mead, Ale or even good-old apple juice if I am especially broke for the month) and then “ingest” the rune(s) into my Self, thus allowing the magical “concoction” to filter through my lich and affect my subjective (subconscious) or objective (everything outside of my body/mind) worlds.

    My drinking horn used for such endeavors, while aesthetically pleasing in an ancient sense, was a pain in the ass to keep from spilling it's contents. I, of course, had neglected to buy a holder for it in the first place.... But why bother when I could just utilize some sort of a metal chalice or “cup”, adorned with the sigils of our ancestors instead?

    You know, something that would actually stand up straight on it's own AND be a bit more modern-looking in aesthetic?

    It was then as if Herjan himself inspired me on the dot.... My whole practices, whether they be LHP (magical) or RHP (religious) were stuck in an idealistic paradigm of a past long forgotten. My ways needed to catch up with the times, or at least what I thought was a best representation of those times in accordance to my own personal aesthetic.

    Part III: You heathens and your cities....

    I, like any other heathen (or hell, neopagan) love and revere the bounty of mother Jorth and what she gives us. Forests and fields all sing to the heathen soul, and they are true expressions of spiritual freedom, either under the loving rays of Sunna, or the luminescent glow of Brother Mani.

    However, I too find a certain spirit in the most unlikely of places: The city.

    Have you ever truly “felt” for yourself the power of the Moon at night in a major metropolitan area? Whether you are basking directly under it on the top of a several-story building, or merely giving credence to it's existence as it gleams off of various windowed edifices.... It's still there pervading the otherwise soulless urban landscape with its sensual light.

    One can take the romantic spirit of such antediluvian moments of clarity (such as a moonlit, open field) and apply it in a similar fashion to the (at first glance) cold and otherwise non-organic landscapes of urban blight. The celestial bodies will forever be with us till the end of time, and that is a reality that even civilization and the technologies produced by them and cannot escape.

    Cities are also places of extreme human traffic, both of our ethnic cultures as well as others. Ever since the dawn of time, cities were economic/social/academic centers of the world, and their influence even had the power to hold sway on cultures beyond their borders (such as the case with ancient Rome). Today this is no different. Major metropolitan areas generally still house such important things to society, such as universities, artistic centers of interest (museums, musical venues, etc), ports (both sea and air) and more. They are the beating heart of countries everywhere.

    We also live in a world where technology is permeating our lives so much, it is almost becoming a survival trait to learn how to manipulate all of them to their fullest capacities. Cellular phones and wireless Internet are almost essential to any major business or corporation nowadays in order to fully communicate with the rest of the world properly, and social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter are completely changing the way we humans socialize and communicate with each other on a daily basis. It's not exactly what the Jettisons had in store for us, but we are steadily moving closer and closer to that sort of world every day that passes by.

    I am a son of such a world... A world where films like the Matrix and the Terminator series showcase a world that, even with it's concrete skyscrapers and extensive technobabble, still has shreds of romantic idealism and nobility of ages past.

    I live in a world where harsh, grating industrial/EBM music and extreme metal (such as death and black) can merge with the symphonic elements that classical composers (many whom are of our ethnic ancestry) to create new, modern forms of aural expression that can both lift our spirits towards Asgard and take us to the depths of Nifelheim.

    I live in a world where we can showcase entire decades of our life via digital photo albums... Where we can read the writings of Frederick Nietzsche online in just a couple of seconds with a few clicks of the mouse.... I could go on and on....

    Our world has changed, and now a brave few wish to step up to the plate and adapt our faith in accordance to this new world. Our rites, symbols, and our places of reverence, and our arts, in my opinion, have the potential to evolve and take form into something new. Let the fires of Volund and the hammer of the Thunderer forge something new to give fruition to this vision! A future of heathenry where neon lights, not torches, illuminate the way for us at night!

    Part 4: My Treatise

    An evolution of our faith. Visually and sonically. From blood and soil, to DNA and stainless steel.

    Our runes would take on new form... Our places of worship would be taken from the groves of old to the monoliths of today.... Imagine a blot to Thor in a large structure built for several hundreds of people with up-to-date sound and visual equipment to TRULY maximize the psychodramatic aspect of a vision of Germanic heathenry in a technologically-advanced world. A powerful sacrifice would ensue, no doubt, and could potentially be felt Midgard-wide.

    Our music and art would change along with this.... Heathen music would not simply be limited to tribal-esque neofolk or chest-thumping “Viking” metal, but would also expand into the realms of Industrial and even forms of electronic dance music. These are perfect representations of a world embracing technology, and moving ever-forward.

    This would not be something that everyone would be interested in... Many enjoy the traditional ways of looking at things, and that is COMPLETELY alright! This treatise was designed in order just to get you to THINK of the possibilities of how heathenry could go many different directions if the wills of the participants would be willing.

    Those that are interested in this endeavor, please contact me at the locations below, and let us formulate plans for the near future, and the future we live in TODAY.

    Through sonic and steel we shall rise!


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    It is in the best interest of humanity to progress scientifically and technologically, but not necessarily culturally (although cultural changes are sometimes necessary to stimulate or adapt to scientific advancement). It warms my heart to see my people embracing these things, for these things are what make us so great as a species. The fact that Heathendom can coexist peacefully and even advocate advancement tells me that this is a system of belief that can be beneficial to mankind. I appreciate this post mainly because I have seen nothing of the sort from other religions, and I truly appreciate when a person can be in awe of nature, have spiritual experiences, and at the same time not attempt to stifle scientific development.

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    The first impression I had was of the "Techno Viking":

    New technology hasn't broken the Icelandic tongue or Hinduism, from one end of the Indogermanic world to the other. Also, the Greeks weren't superstitious about inventions like the Romans were and neither were less predisposed to the gods regardless of artifices. Have you ever seen: Rome: Engineering an Empire?

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