By Rev. Ted Pike

My parents were pioneer Christian, conservative leaders and broadcasters. In the late fifties after the aborted 1956 Hungarian Revolution, they met a number of passionately anti-communist Hungarian exiles. These refugees related how in 1918 Jewish Bolshevik Bela Kun, after overthrowing the Hungarian government, imposed homosexuality and its values on all levels of Hungarian society, down to kindergarten. Kun's goal was to break Christian, anti-communist resistance. He wanted to remake Hungary's youth into mindless fodder for socialism and revolution.

Today, Jewish activists of the Anti-Defamation League continue the work of their spiritual and political ancestor, Kun; they forcefeed society and the youngest children with pro-homosexuality. Three monstrous ADL hate bills (including recently introduced ENDA, The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, HR 3017) are moving forward in Congress. ADL's legislation gives it the same behind-the-scenes federal power to corrupt America that Kun wielded over Hungary.

In Senate Judiciary hearings last week, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder boldly testified that the federal hate bill, S. 909 will not protect all citizens of differing races, religions and genders from violent hate crimes, as it claims to do. Whom did Holder say it was designed to truly protect? Homosexuals. This includes homosexual pedophiles.

Here's an example of one such pedophile S. 909 would rush to assist if it were law today. Last week the FBI and Washington D.C. police announced arrest of homosexual Duke University administrator Frank Lombard for trying to persuade an undercover police officer to have sex with Lombard's six-year-old adopted black son. The affidavit said Lombard sexually molested the child, describing himself as a "perv dad for fun." The boy was reared by Lombard and his homosexual partner.
Attorney General Holder testified that the federal hate law would give homosexuals, regardless of their guilt or innocence, preferential rights and importance over the majority of "straight" Americans. This means that if the officer lost his cool and called Lombard a faggot, striking him, and Lombard screamed, "Hate crime!" the whole federal, state, and county law enforcement and justice establishment would be obligated to come to the aid of Lombard with triple speed.
But police officers, as Holder testified, have no special rights under the hate crimes bill. Instead of being charged with simple assault, the undercover officer would face a federal felony rap which could total ten years in prison. After spending at least $10,000 for the best attorney he could find, the officer could spend tens of thousands in legal fees if the case dragged on or was appealed.
On the other hand, if Lombard learned the officer's identity and struck him, crying "Pig!" the officer would have no special status as the member of a federally group. He could not scream "Hate crime!", but would have to find justice through conventional law.

Who is Really Intimidated?

ADL and Holder say they want S. 909 to end "intimidation" of persecuted homosexuals. Actually, S. 909 is designed to intimidate the rest of us -- white Christian "straight" Americans.

In 1918, Bela Kun proved a whole nation could be subjected and a generation corrupted under united, unrestrained pro-homosexual federal power. That's the terrifying agenda ADL's three pending hate laws envision for America.


Call the senate now, toll-free 1-877-851-6437 or toll 1-202-225-3121 and leave this message: "Attorney General Holder testified in Judiciary that the hate crimes bill discriminates and will not protect all Americans against hate crimes. Don't be daunted if some Senate staffers don't let you finish this message. It proves they are getting the message big time! Keep calling next week.

The arrest of homosexual pedophile Lombard is a wake-up call to the fact that pedophiles deeply infest the homosexual community and we must make sure they don't acquire special federal protection under S. 909. Wake the Senate this week by persuading every Senate office to watch NPN's blockbuster video.
The child you save from a pedophile may be your own.