David Irving is speaking in the following cities this summer:

Kansas City: July 3
Oklahoma City: July 6
Albuquerque: July 8
Phoenix: July 10
Las Vegas: July 12
Salt Lake City: July 13
Boise: July 15
Spokane: July 16
Seattle: July 18
Portland: July 19
Sacramento: July 22
San Francisco: July 23
Costa Mesa: July 25
Sherman Oaks: July 26
Denver: July 29
Omaha: July 30
Chicago: July 31

Register at http://www.irvingbooks.com/functions

David Irving is a world renowned historian focusing his research on WWII, or at least was until he disagreed with the 'official holocaust story' for which he also was arrested and spent 3 years in jail in Austria.

His website: