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    Let's hope we can awaken enough White people in the United States before it becomes another Argentina or Colombia.

    The Future of European Nationalism

    by Fredrik Haerne

    July 14, 2002

    I recently had a discussion with a man who I have never thought to be a White nationalist. His views on economics, history, art and other matters have made it clear that he is a socialist, somewhere in between the working-class version and the mushy-intellectual version of that ideology. Surprisingly though, as I talked to him the other day, he expressed views about race that made it clear to me that he worries for our country, and for Europe as a whole. He is still far from being a true White nationalist, but he is on his way. I wouldn't be surprised if the Swedish Democrats or National Democrats would get his vote three or four elections from now.

    The conversation lifted my spirits somewhat, and I started thinking that there may be some hope for Sweden after all. A majority of our people would like the old war cry, Keep Sweden Swedish, to guide our governments, and it has always been that way; we just don't have many politicians who are prepared to give us that option. The nationalist parties are generally kept in "media shadow," treated as if they don't exist, except for the routine smear every now and then, and I doubt that they will have much success in the elections this fall.

    However, despite nearly a century of anti-conservative and anti-White propaganda, nationalism exists, and it is growing. The reason is that this is not just another artificial political construct, but the natural way of life and thought. Nationalism is Europe's true nature. It has been oppressed, but try as they might the socialists and the Jews have not been able to eradicate it. They know that they will have to destroy the entire White race in order to get at nationalism, and the goal-oriented morality it inevitably creates.

    It brings me some satisfaction to know that even if nationalists would lose, the mushy-intellectual socialists will never win. Their economic policies may be used by the New World Order they anticipate, but that is where it stops; their social policies, such as wanting a society without religion and without race-awareness, will not survive. In the end, White socialists will become slaves marked for slaughter just like the rest of us, which I think my socialist acquintance is well aware of.

    However, this future would still be a disaster, as all know, but only nationalists dare to say. But can it be stopped? Can White nationalists in Europe achieve their goals?

    Swedish trends

    To answer this question I would like to point to both local trends and wider trends. One of the many local trends is this one: in Skåne, the most southern region in Sweden, the number of new parties registered for the local elections are at a record high this year; a lot of people are heartily tired of the seven parties in the establishment, and they desperately desire change. This desire crosses ideological boundaries, though I believe it to be stronger among conservatives than among socialists.

    It might be interesting to know that the establishment reacts predictably, with some politicians starting to call for a constitutional change that would introduce electoral districts for our parliamental elections. Up until now we have simply counted the total votes for each party, and given them a number of seats in parliament that correspond to their support among the people (parliament then chooses who will get to form the new government). Some politicians say that electoral districts would bring people closer to their own representative, while a few admit that they want the change in order to keep smaller parties from ever getting a say in politics (it is more "stable" that way). Should the change ever come to pass, I predict drastically lower public participation in elections, since the new system would efficiently kill all opposition to the establishment. Perhaps that would serve to make more people see that something isn't right.

    Another local, that is to say Swedish, trend is the interest in the Viking era. By talking to librarians I have learned that the interest for books about Vikings and their mythology rose dramatically in the early nineties, and that it has remained steady ever since. I went to school when this interest was on the rise, and I have the Mjölner necklace to prove it.

    More importantly, people are becoming just a little bit more outspoken about our country's future every day. Protests had their record low somewhere in the nineties, and though I am not exactly sure where it lay I am sure that we are past it. That is very lucky for me, since any other development would have had seriously negative effects on my blood pressure.

    European trends

    Lifting my eyes from the Scandinavian peninsula I notice a widesweeping change in the European Union during the last few years. There was a time when all the EU countries save for Spain had socialist governments, but right now the pattern is the exact opposite. Remember that the EU has fifteen members, consisting of all West European countries except for Switzerland, Norway and Iceland (and the stamp-sized states Lichtenstein, San Marino, Andorra, Monaco and the Vatican). The EU thus has hundreds of millions of citizens in its member states. Right now only Finland, Germany, Sweden and Great Britain remain red among these, and even here the socialist banner is not held very highly; Finland has a left-right coalition government, and Britain enjoys economic policies that are much closer to the American tradition than the European one, much thanks to the legacy of the Thatcher era.

    What has brought about this drastic change in Europe, at a time when the economy has generally been moving upward? The answer is simple: people are tired of crime, tired of being humiliated and ignored. They change from left to right hoping that things will get better; when they won't, they will change back again. The truth is that the establishment doesn't have much to offer us. But what is important with this trend is that European nationalism is also on the rise. We have far-right parties sharing power in Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and Denmark, we have the on-the-march Vlaam's Blok in Belgium and the Front National in France, and we have a number of other voices beginning to be heard. To me, all of this is very surprising, and very nice to see. I am in a permanently stunned state of mind over the fact that the right in Sweden and elsewhere has managed to survive at all, considering the state-run schools and Jewish media. To see not only conservatives prevail, but nationalism rising, is nothing short of a miracle.

    Perhaps not a miracle, though. To continue its attempts to make water run upward the socialists need permanently huge governments, which are a permanent drain on people's wallets. Furthermore, the social policies they favor are as unnatural to us as their economic ones, and people will never, never adopt them on their own. We all know that. Our natural spirit can be silenced, but never broken. It can be beaten, but it will always come back. Not even the hypnotic voices of television can change that fact. After all, not even the Catholic Church managed to hold on to the power it once had in Europe, and I really don't expect socialists and Jews to do any better. Europe is seeking a way back to itself.

    This is why nationalists have had a great deal of success with the recipe of treating economic issues as secondary, and social issues as primary. The traditional way, for conservatives and for socialists, is to treat economic issues as primary, and this has been devastating for conservatives. They have lost battle after battle in this arena, since socialist populism is so much more appealing to people than when you bring up charts that show long-term effects of complex macro economics.

    Conservatives in Sweden in particular have completely failed to understand this, and practically cut their own throats by talking only about economics, never about social policies. They could have won a lot by standing up for the natural, conservative social policies that most people want. Too bad for them; the Real Right will pick up the banner instead. And like the National Front in France they will wisely state that your opinions on tax percentages are far less important than whether you love your country or not. By this they have already won over not only people from the truly conservative right, but also many from the White working-class left, who often have down-to-earth views about social policies and are simply unskilled in economic theory.

    Nationalist progress

    So, we have this miracle of a rising Right, which is really just a natural adjustment back to more Life-affirming politics. Unfortunately, nationalist parties are still far from governing the daily European agenda. Despite the glimmers of hope I have described here the establishment is still very much alive, the dark races keep pouring in across our borders, and we are still left with my original question: can White nationalism achieve its goals on this continent?

    Let us look at what nationalists have achieved so far when it comes to defending our borders from the dark invasion. Just this week it was announced that new restrictions on immigration will be implemented in Italy and Portugal. A while ago the same thing was heard from the Netherlands and Denmark. For sure, Austria saw some relief with the Freedom Party two years ago, and more changes are promised there. Changes come either because of nationalists in the governments, like in Austria, or because of issues brought up by nationalists outside the governments, like in Denmark. The new policies are often similar in different countries; immigrants will be required to get jobs, to learn the domestic language, to live with a bit fewer privileges, etc. A ceiling on the number of yearly immigrants will be installed in Portugal. Those searching for illegal immigrants will be given more resources in Spain.

    Some call these changes drastic, but they are really just crumpets. The dark wave hasn't been turned around, it is only to slow down a little. As soon as the socialists come to power again, they will simply open the flood gates even wider than before to make up for lost time. Meanwhile, teachers are crying and journalists are speaking in a tone of voice I think should be reserved for the announcement of Judgment Day. The quicker our people awaken, the more do the Jews and their collaborators feel the need to speed up the darkening of Europe. They are going to succeed with that; after all, you only need one term in office to let in a million Turks in your country, if you want to.

    Nationalist future

    So, what can White nationalism accomplish in the short run? Well, the actual political measures they can take are small, but they have a side effect that I believe is far more important than the more obvious effects. This side effect is that people are emboldened. They finally see that change is possible. Significant political change is in the long run impossible, but they don't know that. They feel they can win, and that is when they can muster the energy to make an effort. They feel there are others who think like them, and that is when they can muster the courage to speak up. And believe me, a lot of people have a lot to say -- and they will, once the taboo is broken.

    This is what we can hope for in the near future: first, that people will become even more emboldened, and collectively decide to tell the truth openly. Second, that conservatives and nationalists maintain what little free speech we have left in European countries, and increase it. Third, that nationalists help segregate our societies, which means simply to remove the social engineering that puts the dark races in neighborhoods where they don't belong. This is important in order to save our youths from becoming polluted.

    Our greatest ally is reality, the fact that people who feel the water rising above their ankles finally won't listen to those who claim that the boat isn't sinking. The events on September 11 had the positive effect that it gave people a dose of reality, the same dose you get when someone close to you is attacked and beaten on the street. Though New York is far away, the attacks shook people a little. Perhaps they will be more shaken in the future, by events even closer to their own homes.

    It has been said before, and I will repeat it: we cannot vote our way out of the mess we are in today. The system of mass democracy is too corrupt, and too vulnerable to the influence of the media masters. Furthermore, it becomes completely useless when politicians simply have the option of replacing an electorate that doesn't always like them with one that is more easily bribed. What we can do is to raise awareness, and that is something European nationalists have started to do better and better. This lays the foundation for what must be done in the long run.

    Two years ago I first talked seriously with a couple of friends about where Europe is heading, and around that time they finally shed their last conservative restraints and joined the ranks of nationalists. We all agreed that increasing immigration will inevitably lead to poverty in the long run, and that the question is whether our people's reaction to this will come fast enough to save us while we are still strong in numbers. We didn't mean that this would happen by the ballot, for when the house comes crashing down after an end to the American super economy, as it will, then ballots won't mean much any longer. Two years later now the question still remains unsolved, but I am beginning to be much more optimistic about the issue.

    The American factor

    This is nothing new to Americans reading this; the situation is basically the same in the United States. What is different, however, is that we need to watch the U.S. much closer than Americans need to watch Europe. At the end of the day, the larger part of our future depends on what happens in the super power. The tremendous influence of America's economic, cultural and military might cannot be underestimated; the sad truth is that it is enough to stop any serious positive change in Europe -- indeed, it has, several times. The United States can prop up the establishment here, and help put it back on the throne in those countries where it is temporarily removed. What happened to Serbia can happen to us all.

    A negative development in the United States -- a strong and prolific tyranny -- means that Europe continues its downward path. The only way we can destroy our establishment before it destroys us is if it loses its backup from Hollywood and Washington. That, I believe, will only happen when America faces the obvious end of its current road, and becomes either another Argentina or another Colombia, sending the world economy to limbo. Then we will join you in the same destiny.


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    I found this article very interesting since it concerns Europe (you generally post articles on the U.S.A.) I think it gives an overview of the situation for Aryan peoples in Europe as regards to Nationalism, and Immigration. Definitely the trend at the moment is Nationalistic in the Western Nations, which is good only if this trend resists the test of time, and effective measures to secure Aryan States and Nations for Aryan Peoples in Europe are implemented by the various Nationalist forces in the continent.

    This article ended by putting an emphasis on the importance of the U.S.A. for Europe, there is no doubt that the U.S.A. influences what happens in Europe, and that the U.S.A. can use its power to go against those forces in Europe which it does not support. This is of detriment to the autonomy of European Nations, that is why I would support an Aryan European State, a Confederation of Aryan Nations, to compete with the omnipotence of Uncle Sam.

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    Post Re: Nazzjonalista

    This article ended by putting an emphasis on the importance of the U.S.A. for Europe, there is no doubt that the U.S.A. influences what happens in Europe, and that the U.S.A. can use its power to go against those forces in Europe which it does not support.
    This has already been well established both in WWI and WWII, when the U.S. erringly fought against our German brothers. This is why it is so important for us as Americans to enlighten as many people in the U.S. as we can, to stop sending our sons to fight someone else's wars. How many Jews do you see involved in Afghanistan in this so called "war on terrorism?" How many Jews did you see by our side in Vietnam? Had we turned our attention solely to the nation which attacked us at Pearl Harbor instead of fighting a nation trying to establish its nationalism and independence, the war would have ended faster for the U.S. with much less loss of White American lives. In my opinion that is why it is so important to reverse the propaganda which is being fed on a daily basis to our fellow Americans.
    We still have patriots among us just as we have traitors who claim to be Americans while tearing down its very foundation. We must reach the patriots in order to hang the traitors later.
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    Post Re: Sreapu

    Originally posted by Strapu

    1) Had we turned our attention solely to the nation which attacked us at Pearl Harbor instead of fighting a nation trying to establish its nationalism and independence, the war would have ended faster for the U.S. with much less loss of White American lives.

    2) We still have patriots among us just as we have traitors who claim to be Americans while tearing down its very foundation. We must reach the patriots in order to hang the traitors later.
    1) I agree with you on that. But I hope you are aware that it was the Politics of FDR that forced Japan to attack. It was being economicly and diplomaticly strangulated.

    Playing "Neutral" and at the same time aiding ones enemy can hardly be considered a friendly act. That your boys were cynicly sacreficed at Pearl harbour, for the sole intention to get America into the War, should open everyones Eyes on the true intentions of that judaised Regime of FDR.

    2) Not only you have traitors. Sometimes I have the feeling that treason is something specificly "white".

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    Post The Struggle

    I remember the days when I was a team leader in The Milwaukee units stormtroops, We would clash with the Jews and reds taking the fight right to them, one weekend we knew that an israeli trained group would show up with their queer and other leftist allies,

    Feeling their oats as there were plenty of anti white cops around they began to act like Jews in their natural envoirment,

    I had it all set up after they gesticulated wildly and groped themsleves for a while they were primed to become helpless in the hands of the ruthless Nazi,

    I set down my papers giving them to a Hitler youth member and loudly said I can't do this anymore, my St men who were in on it faked being aghast at my ''treason''
    I said ''I just dont have anything against jews''
    well of course this set up a hubub of chatter each jew having something to sayI deliberatly said something low so no one could hear and they like fools shut their mouths to hear what I had to say,

    I picked this one vile yid we called pinch a shortening of his name pinchard. this mouthy little son of a bitch was always pulling some low trick like sneaking around peoples homes in the middle of the night

    I hollered out''I quit'' i'm not coming any more'' of course this idiot could not help but to open his big mouth he screamed out my name saying ''====not coming any more !'' and I walkedover right in his face and said for the tv cameras ''i'm not going to be here each weekend any more'' and he said good one less jew hating nazi'' and I said ''and I have to tell you ''''your wife is not coming here anymore either !, he screamed ''what?"" and I said well she tells me you jews cant eat pork, and she is the biggest pig I know of''

    of course he tried to swing at me I was waiting and stepped back and he smacked this anti hite cop right in the puss on tv.

    and I picked up my armband slipped it back on grabbed my copies of White Power and shouted out for the Cameras
    ''White Power Newspaper the voice of White reviolution''

    and I don't feel bad about it at all,

    I hope that he died of rabies.

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    Post Re: Wehrmacht

    1) I agree with you on that. But I hope you are aware that it was the Politics of FDR that forced Japan to attack. It was being economicly and diplomaticly strangulated.
    I agree completely on that. FDR wanted the war with Japan.

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