Ezra Pound

America, Roosevelt and the causes of the
present war

Title of original work :
L’America, Roosevelt e le cause della guerra presente
First published at Venice in 1944

First English Edition

Translated by


The main events dealt with in this pamphlet are :

(1) The suppression of the paper-money issue in Pennsylvania, A.D. 1750.
(2) The American Revolution (1776) and its subsequent betrayals.
(3) How the United States fell into the hands of the international usurocracy during the Civil War after about 1863.

These events should be considered in relation to the present war
(1939- ).

The Incidence of the War in the Process of History and the Fate of Revolutions This war was not caused by any caprice on Mussolini’s part, nor on Hitler’s. This war is part of the secular war between usurers and peasants, between the usurocracy and whomever does an honest day’s work with his own brain or hands.

I don’t know how many books one may have to read in order to understand this simple sentence, but a writer of history must count more on the selection of facts than on the bulk of exposition. A few pages of a writer like Georg Obst are worth more than the whole of D.R. Dewey’s Financial History, because Obst seeks to make himself clear to the reader, whereas Dewey sought to produce a work useful to the plutocratic bosses...