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Thread: Ethnicities and "Thick Skin"

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    Ethnicities and "Thick Skin"

    Some ethnicities seemingly get easier offended at criticism than others. Do you agree? For example the Jews. Even fair, constructive criticism of Israel is seen as anti-Semitic and hateful. Doubt of the Holocaust is seen as equivalent to hatred and wanting the entire Jewish race to be exterminated.
    By contrast, which ethnicities have the "thickest skin", which handle criticism the best? Do you have other examples of ethnicities and how they generally react to criticism?

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    With the exception of the jew, who plays the victim to make it seem like he is not a threat, when his people control banks and media, the "thickness" of a certain ethnic group's skin depends on how successful the group is.

    I have noticed that black people are the biggest babies when it comes to criticizing race. They are always the first to jump up and start screaming like baboons about how that's "igna-int" and racist and such. Whereas when I am with some asian friends and I crack some jokes about their accents or their eyes, they usually laugh and take it as a joke. This is because (and I am sure most people on here already know this) if you look at China and Japan, you can see a great civilization with hard-working people and a good healthy heritage to be proud of. White people are people I have noticed who can take the most jokes about their race or talk about race without getting all offended, and Asians are pretty good at it too. Even brownies aren't too bad, as long as you don't get too offensive or insult their women and stuff. But black people seem to always get offended and shout racist when someone points out something that black people are known for doing. But they always say "white people always do that" and "why do white people always act like such and such". But when you say "why do black people do such an such", they start getting very offended. The reason they do this is because they are, deep down, very insecure about being black. I mean, can you blame them, their history is just a bunch of savage turds running around the continent for thousands of years never doing anything except inventing a spoon or something. And their only real achievement was Nubia/Ethiopia, that the black nationalists and rastafarians always are so proud of, even though they are from west africa. So they have timbuctoo, that was it. Even that empire was an Islamic empire run mainly by arabs. So you can see why they are very sensitive and it gets to their heads when you talk about race, because their's sucks so bad, and they've been everyone's slave for thousands of years.

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