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Thread: Bill Clinton: U.S. No Longer Dominated by Christians and Jews

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    Bill Clinton: U.S. No Longer Dominated by Christians and Jews

    WASHINGTON - Former President Bill Clinton has told an Arab-American audience of 1,000 people that the U.S. is no longer just a black-white country, nor a country that is dominated by Christians and a powerful Jewish minority

    In a speech to the group on Saturday, Clinton said that given the growing numbers of Muslims, Hindus and other religious groups here, Americans should be mindful of the nation's changing demographics, which led to the election of Barack Obama as president.

    Clinton said by 2050 the U.S. will no longer have a majority of people with European heritage and that in an interdependent world "this is a very positive thing."

    Speaking in a hotel ballroom to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee during its annual convention, Clinton also praised Obama's speech in Cairo, Egypt, that was focused on the Arab world.

    Clinton told the audience that it's important that they push government leaders for a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He cited an experience in 1993 when he failed to persuade many Jewish-American and Arab-American business people to invest in the Palestinian areas because violence and bombings had deterred them.

    "It just took one more bus bomb or one more rocket or one more incident and then people got scared of losing their money," he said.

    As the U.S. continues to push for peace in the area, "I think it's really important to give the Palestinian people something to look forward to," Clinton said to loud applause.

    Clinton, who wasn't paid for his speech, spoke in a wide-ranging 35-minute address that focused on people's identity in an interdependent world. He said the U.S. can't rely on its military might in global relations. "It has to begin by people accepting the fact that they can be proud of who they are without despising who someone else is," he said.

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    He must be on something!

    Consider and ask yourself this:

    Who owns the socalled federal reserve that controls the US economy?
    Who owns all the global finance conglomerates?
    Who owns the multinational corporations and most of the industry in the US?
    Who owns the music industry
    Who owns the big media houses, Reuters and other news associations?
    Who owns all the big filmcorporations in Hollywood?
    Who controls the world market in gold, gems and precious metals?
    etc. etc.

    Then note what place Israel and the jews have in the preachings of the various christian salvation movements in the US and abroad. Compare this to the content of sermons in your traditional church at home.

    Then have a look at the concept of free masonry. Ask yourself if this in any way fits into this picture and who might be behind controlling the worlds elites in secret societies?

    You have to put the puzzle together to see the whole ugly picture. Just don't expect anyone to take you serious if you tell them about your findings.

    I have absolutely no problem understanding why the constitution congregation of 1814 decided that article 2 of our constitution should stipulate that no jews should be allowed into the kingdom!

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