Gates of Vienna

Rotterdam is going to work together with Minister van der Laan(Integration) to look at what the State can do about the development level, especially in relation to Antilles and Moroccan youths.

Burgemeester Ahmed Aboutaleb is very shocked by what he has heard from police circles, he said yesterday during the presentation of the Safety Index 2009. “The IQ and the mental ability of arrested youths is so low that you can’t do much with them. When they are on there own they are great, but when there are two they do the most crazy things.” What’s more, with Moroccans there is often a severe form of schizophrenia present.
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Aboutaleb will also ask that the GGZ and the Ministry for Health Welfare and Sport be involved in discussions to see what can be done. “We must do everything that will help and not hinder, such as tackling leaving school early.”

This article appeared in the Metro 16 April 2009.

The Labour Party Chairman Peter van Heemst is happy that Burgermeester Aboutaleb and Minister Van der Laan are taking the problem seriously. Van Heemst asked in May 2008 for an inquiry into the background and mental abilities of young criminals.