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Thread: Wanted - Adventurous Aryans for a new trek

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    As being a member of various groups in the past, before the WWW. I can tell you its like molasses to get this kinda thing in motion for I couldn't put my finger on it until I read about Cointelpro being White Nationalism. You will never hardly ever get a straight answer from a "leader" of WN on why they or another cannot get a seperate community; the Cointelpro directives wants them all just to go to the Northwest if they do decide to go.. Why? Read the link after the quote:

    A claim to Love something doesn’t mean anything if you cannot put it into action.

    You Love a girl or race and let her slave away, let her be violated, let her work as a serf , let her be misguided and you blame it on a Jew as excuse? Yet your stronger and smarter and braver than all Jews together? So why do you hesitate? Love is something we die for, not a scale of weighing Jewish Humanistic logic.

    But the Internet will set us free is the phrase. As you say membership and posts are all going through the roof. Really? Where is the Rally’s then? The Marches that stop the traffic and make the mainstream Yid news? The Meetings? The huge number increase in physical organized group numbers where people actually see each other (not cyberspace). Anyone can hide in CyberRacialism, you can post 5000 times; have you solved the real problem or r you part of it? But, but we must awake the comatose Jewish induced sheeple first? Really? And what are they going to do? Post, serve the Jew on the 8hr day and think watching tv after Jewserfdom is a god given right? Only five, yes 5% fought for Independence of BritMan. How is the average overweight, lazy, I “don’t care” American, someone else is gonna do it--going be a threat in this era of do nothing but sit behind a screen, even if he’s against you? Your awaken the sheeple is just something you tell yourself, to excuse and blame something else other than you--a Jewish programmed concept, not a White DNA one. Get the White Movement out of the hands of ZOG-JOG

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    Post AW: Wanted - Adventurous Aryans for a new trek

    Didn´t the Davidians in Waco try something similar? Building their own self-supplying community?

    Tolerance is a proof of distrust in one's own ideals. Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyklop
    Didn´t the Davidians in Waco try something similar? Building their own self-supplying community?
    Ha-ha... good point. But hopefully, we don't have anyone who thinks he's the second coming of Christ and we won't have a stockpile of weapons. I could be mistaken, but I believe the Branch Davidians kept a large pile of firearms in one place rather than each family keeping his own in his own home. There were also allegations of child abuse. That could have been a lie, though... another excuse for the Feds to go in and blow up women & children. I guess we'll never know for sure seeing as how most of those that could have told us the truth are now dust. How convenient.

    Keeping one's community and plans under the radar would be necesssary, but nearly impossible. We all know that these webboards are monitored and so are the activities of a number of people. Any mass movements of a bunch of evil Nazis would surely be under scrutiny by the Feds. Even if you stay perfectly legal in all your actions, you are at risk. RICO, The Patriot Act and the Federal Civil Rights laws pretty much give the Feds carte blanche to do whatever they want and we wouldn't get a shred of sympathy from the public. On the contrary, most of the country would be rallying behind the Feds to round us up and annihilate us.

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