Welcome to The European Ethnohistory Database. This is a rather unique look at Europe that traces the history of ethnic groups, their affinities, and languages. It has been compiled by Dr. Robert R. Sokal and his colleagues (see Published Papers) and has been used for the analysis of both genetic and linguistic variation in humans.

Chronological Sort

3000 BC to 1500 BC
1499 BC to 1000 BC
999 BC to 500 BC
499 BC to 150 BC
149 BC to 1 BC
1 AD to 250 AD
251 AD to 450 AD
451 AD to 600 AD
601 AD to 900 AD
901 AD to 1400 AD
1401 AD to 1970 AD

Alphabetical by Gens

Abashevo to Azali
Babadag to Byzantines
Cadurci to Dutch
Early Bronze Age to Gypsies
Haedui to Jutes
Kajkavic to Lydians
Macednans to Nuraghe
Obii to Quadii
Radimice to Ruteni
Saalemuendungsgruppe to Szeklers
Tabalians to Zlicane