Here I dedicate this theme to visuals (pictures, or even videos if you prefer) from the Germanic diaspora. I'll post some examples of ethnic Germanics. These visuals can help us to learn how much the Germanic traditions are kept alive in the diaspora.

Some random pictures:

Letterstamp issued by the Swedish People`s party in Finland, 1922.

Detail of a church window in Hermannstadt dedicated to the memory of the Austrian Protestants.

1920, a German peasant couple from the Volga region in the refugee camp Schneidemühl, Posen-West Prussia (now Piła, Poland).

The Bavarian Inn in Fredericksburg is indicative of the region's German heritage.

Nova Petrópolis, Brasil, settled by Germans in 1858.

Pomerode, Brasil: the main spoken language is Pomeranian.

Oktoberfest in Santa Cruz do Sul, Brasil.

I'll continue to post more regularly.