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Thread: School Propaganda About Native Americans

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    I meant in southern Greenland.
    The Eskimoes settled in Northern Greenland while the Vikings settled the then uninhabited Southern Greenland. They practised European farming techniques and died out when the climate got colder. Meanwhile, the Eskimoes expanded into southern Greenland. They practised hunting and gathering techniques, so they survived the colder climate better.

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    Well Your right, it was basically the natural selection aspect of it,

    which didn't attract us Vikings!

    Iceland was a far better climate, Our ships shifted Horizon once again!

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    It is ok to be the following in US schools:


    It is not ok to be this:

    White - and Proud of it

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    Stand and Deliever


    The following makes me and should make you guys sick.

    In my school they actually try teaching childern that Adolf Hitler was gay. I had a huge argument with the class about this. Of course I won but they just wouldn't accept the truth.

    In my school it is taught that blacks are just as smart, if not smarter than whites. They speak of all the inventions that the African-Americans have created. I quickly point out that these negros weren't even negroes yet they were half white, one fourth oriental, and then one fourth negroid. One time the teacher said, "You think you are always right don't you, Chris. Well, what about George Washington Carver!", and I reply, "God help us, what would we do without Peanut Butter!!!!"

    At my school, the internet is censored. The school system actually lets sites such as the Black Panther homepage and other black hate sites be viewed but when I even look up a site that even has the word Arayan or White in the title it is blocked by a NetNanny device.

    I hate America, and I hate the rest of the world. It will not be long before we rise once again out of the ashes, with great men and women such as ourselves to mold the world in OUR IMAGE! HEIL HITLER!

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    Thats common man...

    What you must remember is, that teacher probably worships 1 of 3 people: Clinton, Bush, or Lenin. It's laughable really!!

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    When I was in grade two or three, I started a sort of "club" which was designed to take over the playground and secure all the swing-sets before the other children got to them. I designed a flag, which was a yellow swastika on a bookmark. The teachers saw me waving this swastika around, commanding the "troops," and I was immediately hauled in and suspended.

    In grade six, I began giving the fascist salute rather than raise my hand if I knew the answer to a question. This earned me a "conference" with my parents and the principle. He brought in a teacher who happened to be from Germany. She introduced me to the "horrors of Nazism," and told me all about how Hitler had killed all of the Jews and the catholics. Of course, apart from this being completely false, Hitler was raised a catholic, as any intelligent person knows. When I pointed out this fact, I was suspended.

    Just last year, in grade ten, my social studies teacher gave our class a little pep-talk after Le Pen came in second place in the first round of the French presidential elections. He everyone else riled up about how Le Pen was a neo-Nazi who had "rigged" the elections, and his victory would mean world war. When I stood up and told him that Le Pen's own son-in-law was one of the chosen people, he quickly changed his tone. "Well, he's a fascist then," he said, "and they're just as bad." He was a very nice man of course - a religious right-winger - but he sure had watched too much Hollywood propaganda!

    That's how it is most of the time, I think. I doubt most teachers and professors actually knowingly and maliciously preach the destruction of the Aryan race. Either they have been brainwashed, just like the rest of the lemmings, or they tow the party line, without knowing its full implications, in order to keep their jobs. Either way, we must use propaganda to win them back!

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    Originally posted by Wehrmacht

    well since my time in school its been plenty of years back. But we once had to write a essay for German-Class. I piced the subject "colonialization".

    I wrote how 11 of our Colonial soldiers in German-Southwest africa were able to blast away a rebellion of the entire Herero-tribe, which was ambushing our fort.
    I wrote that the niggs were absolutely stupid and that colonializim was rather a curse for white Nations, then for the Niggs.
    I said in essence, that a Nigg doesnt need coal, iron-ore, diamonds, gold, raw material he doesnt even know about. He was happy if we gave him a box full of glass-pearls, some steel spear-tipps and we got what we wanted.

    I of course nearly flunked and got a "-4" (= D- ). I compared with other pupils, how many spelling mistakes they had and what grade, and found out that I actually would have deserved a "3" (C). But that political correct leftist teacher found all sorts of flims tricks, to give me that grade. He also said I made historic errors. when I proved him wrong and that I was right on hand of a historic atlas, he just corrected that spott. I asked if that would change anything on my grade and he said "no".

    The best part of it all was, when we got the test back, he called upon the class, and told them to sit down, he had something to read to them. I was the only one who did not get the test back. so he read to the entire class what I wrote in my essay. He was very tricky and emphasized with his voice dramaticly those parts he considered "horrible" ect. While he read it, I could feel the eyes of all the classmates on me. My pals of course rather felt sorry for me, but the other political correct Lemmings were "shocked" what a lil Fascist was sitting in their midst.

    After he was done, he held a short Sermon of how Nazi-patterns of thinking still exist, and that this is very dangerous to our "democratic society" and then he turned to me, gave me my test and said with a expression which was a mixture of disgust and pitty "You realy need help, or it will end bad with you!".

    That moralizing bastard!

    Well, I had my revenge anyway - because he liked to chatt about his school days ect. and tell lil anecdotes. he once said, when he was in school, he played the lil boy in "Wilhelm Tell".
    So the next week before class, I drew a bic carricature of him on the board, (he had a beard and was bald) - with that face, and in shorts like a lil chorus boy, apple on his head and arrow through his skull. Out of his ear came a worm which said "Nothing in here. better go back into my apple".

    Oh man we all had a laugh. He came in and saw it, and also had to laugh. He knew it was me, but didnt do anything - since he was such a liberal wuss! :p

    Oh well, its been a long time since then!

    I know what it is like, Wehr.

    Some years ago, we had Hymns at school.
    We somehow came to NS music then, however, the teacher was unable to provide any audible samples so I had to jump in
    Because I expected her to lack any lyrics as well, I made several copies of the samples I provided.

    When we came to listen to them, I was the only one to sing.
    Now, I didn't expect it to happen otherwise because whenever we sung anything, no one actually took part in this pleasant action.
    However, the teacher was more than impressed I knew all of the lyrics by heart.
    Shocked and impressed at the same time I guess

    Similar things happend to me during the history lessons:

    When doing 1st and 2nd World War, our otherwise quite competent teacher struggled quite a lot.
    She didn't know shit about that periode of time I guess, I had to correct her at least once every lesson.
    It was horrible, she always told us how bad life was back then and what a bad thing the Reich was for the German people.
    She didn't stand any direct confrontation and when I tried to start a political discussion, she was eager to change the topic as soon as possible.

    Once she critizised the role of women during the 30s and 40s.
    I then argued that, compared to the current situation, family life was much more consistent that it is now with clear roles of husband and wife.
    Less divorces and many other advantages.
    She then only replied: "Do you really want to live like that?"
    Guess, what my answer was

    Not to forget about the constant praise of the Socialists (SPD).
    I bet she's a party member herself...

    When we actually came to WWII she wanted to avoid that topic!
    Because of her oh so precious time she needed to profane about NS and the like...
    I then volunteered for an essay about that topic.
    She only granted me those 45mins which was by far too less for 6 years of war but better than nothing.

    You'd be surprised how few the other pupils only knew about that.

    Despite all those events, none of the pupils disregarded me.
    Why should they?
    All of my claims were justified and of course I was polite all the way.
    However, it's sad to see how the state is trying to indoctrinate us with their pinko teachers. Do they think uneducated minds were weak or anything?
    Only a few of many teachers know how to regard something critically, unbiased.

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    Post Education

    Ok lets all get educated !

    first off we have to have a way of getting air bigger noses help a lot while it is still free.

    then there is water, pee in iit then put it in little plastic bottles and charge a buck a drink,

    Next we have food and corporate America has a plan for this fat worhtless lazy gutless white shareholders in some pimping corporation with jews runnig the place and queers doing the advertising now what we get withthis is

    Tyson and jobs for illegal aliens so they don t have to pay a living age and

    Burger King with Idiotic Negrification commercials designed to turn 11 yr olds into whiggers

    like here

    hold the pickles

    hold the lettuce

    stupid niggers

    dont upset us

    well serve anything

    that crawls in the door

    if its pickles that your eating

    make sure your food

    was cooked by cretins

    woormburgers flying out the door.

    or how Star trek

    What a croc of shit!

    Ok why aren't there any Puerto ricans on the enterprise ?

    simple Because Puerto Ricans do not intend to work in the future either.

    or the marine coprse

    From the halls of Muzorewa

    to the Whores of Zimbawe

    we will fight the ZOGS battles

    against any White country.

    Yeah I remember school what a joke each day I was forced to go there at the will of the state to see each month an invasion building of hordes of scum, the only thing they ever accomplished was replication, a teacher in the last year asked me for a history report,

    it began like this

    the whole History of White American Government on the shores ofNorth America is one long uninterruped act of treason against the aryan race. From the very beginning this was a soicety devoid of the decency to protect its own race from the various bands of marauding scum.From the sleaughter of the first white child a little girl named Virginia dare by savages that for the most part most likely cannabalized the settelment, to the involvement of several Eurpopean governments in a proliferation of slaughter of innocent whites led by the Church and royalty of europe using as shock troops Hordes of royally armed nonwhite savages, Continuing on to a revolutionary war in which the Government of Democracy could not bring itself to defend and secure the borders
    from people who had murdered the families of those whites who had fought for this very state.Never once taking steps to prevent the filth of the world from establishinng colonies here on land they did not fight for, to a news media that depicts squalid naked stone age savages as some noble warrior when sneaky dishonest thuglike cretins hardly does them a true description of a babrbaric subhuman creature that has not eveolved at all to this very day. From the fratricide of the civil war, where Jews sat in comfort on both sides raking in the shekels to the series of wars in the phillapines where bolo weilding cannbals were again allowed to savage our troops, to the refusal to send sufficient troops to the American west to protect settlers where as late as 1870 savages murdered 1/2 the state of Minnesota, with feeble and iincompetant responses from this government. to the horror and incompetance of 2 world wars and then the racial slaughters of vietnam korea and selma alabama, a sad sickeing spectacle that has got to be the dream of every shekle counting priock out there. A Nation without values where resistance comes against indians wanting to fish from the same people who did nothing when their kids were chatteled off to intergrated schools,
    In short a person woould have to be ignorant as the comon man to allow this to continue for one more minute.

    What Hitler did wrong was loose the war.

    I remember school once I had left and we had built up enough stormtroops we went back there on the annual honkey day a day each year when white were denied their education by threat, We spoke to the students in parks nearby the police came and arrested me but the kids shut down every school in the city for 10 days nice thing these news black outs.

    standing in the shadows of the past are the great men who gave their all reach into that darkness and grab their hands for the strenght to do what needs to be done.

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