A majority of Dutch people does not want the powers of the European Union to be expanded, an extensive survey shows. The results will be presented to deputy foreign minister Frans Timmermans, responsible for European affairs, on Wednesday.

Most Dutch people oppose the transfer of more political power to Brussels, according to the poll by 21minuten.nl. Half of the 60,000 people who took part in the survey say they would like to see European integration partly reversed: 54 percent says there should be limits to the migration of workers from other EU member states, even if that leads to a rise in prices for products and services.

A majority is still opposed to a European constitution, the survey shows. The Dutch voted against the constitution in a referendum in 2005, but no popular vote was held about the Lisbon Treaty, which the Dutch parliament approved in 2008.

The conclusions of the '21 minutes' survey are harsh, but not surprising in the light of the 2005 referendum. Although the polls show no overwhelming support for eurosceptic parties such as Geert Wilders' anti-immigration Party for Freedom and the Socialist Party in next week's elections, a record low turnout is expected.