So you are probably wondering what this image is. I thought the same thing. This happens to be a mountain of SALT. I found this tidbit of information about salt and the Faroe Islands on the website Ibiza Spotlight. It seems that the island of Ibiza, Spain produces an average of 37,000 tons of salt annually. Of that 37,000 the Faroe Islands uses 20,000 tons to salt the fish they catch.

Now that is a lot of salted fish. One of the foods that I remember from my trips to the Faroe Islands is just that, Saltfisk. It is a very popular dinner choose in the Faroe Islands. I know there has to be many ways of fixing saltfisk but the way I remember and enjoyed the most is made somewhat like a stew. I am not a cook so please don't ask but basically everything is put into a pot. The saltfisk and potatoes are put into the same pot with a white cream gravy and let to cook until it is ready to eat. And after a day of fishing on the ship there is nothing better to fill that empty spot in your stomach. If you get a chance make sure you try some.

Here is a recent picture Nólsoy and the snow they have received this last week. What a beautiful image of the mountain and the village. I wish was there. I have never been to the Faroe Islands in the winter that I am able to remember anyway.