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Thread: Hail Bush's 'Security' Programs

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    Post Hail Bush's 'Security' Programs

    Ten months after President George Bush's State of the Union address and his promise of Economic Security for the American people three young New Jerseyians were unable to endure any longer the happiness of his program. They explained calmly they had lost faith in the future of the President's prosperity agenda. After a touching farewell with family and friends the three left for a mainline railroad, held hands and jumped in front of a oncoming freight train.

    It is said that during the vote for the Homeland Security bill, Tom Ridge, director of U.S. Homeland Security, was stone drunk lying in his own vomit. The appointment of ex-Navy Rear Admiral John Poindexter to Domestic Security Director of the IAO was recently celebrated with a lavish party. As the honored guests from all over the world congratulated the new Director a party girl popped out of a large cake and shouted: "Poindexter has been convicted of five felony accounts for lying to Congress and now you want him to keep tabs on you?" After she was thrown out the door words flew back and forth like mortal shells. The party ended in a general melee.

    The well known mobster, Al Capone, became prosperous more from "unique" accounting methods rather than from head messages by his lieutenants. Seizing upon this principle, SEC chairman Harvey Pitt vowed to smash corporate America's age old rule: "A day of no accounting scandels is a day wasted." All Americans must have a life of prosperity, beauty and Economic Security. He appointed a right hand lieutenant, William Webster, to put these accounting jugglers in their place. When it was found that Webster himself was a nortorious book juggler facing fraud charges which Pitt knew about, Congress howled with rage that earned Pitt the nickname "Scarface Harvey." Fatso Pitt resigned a few weeks later.

    What does all this mean?

    The fog is lifting and things are now becoming clear. All that remains is a miserable remnant of mythical book theory which nobody confuses with hard reality. The American people are more jobless, more moneyless and more hopeless - perhaps the last hope for many. Socialism's game is over. "We the people" are once again in charge now.

    Did things have to turn out this way?

    Yes, a thousand times yes.

    No other outcome was possible. America's forefathers prophesied it again and again. Liberalism and pacifism destroys all nations. Liberal politicans have brought the country to it's present deplorable state: a mixture of forced race-mixing, cowardice, corruption and terrorism. What does the cause of National Security have to do with erecting light house beacons in the Arizona deserts to encourage Mexican murderers, drug czars and rapists to plunder the American people? Do you fantasize that Americans have turned a blind eye to Florida's governor of mongroidness? How come you demonstrate here for Homeland Security, yet, tremble with fear as ten thousand illegal immigrants enter this country daily from every land border and sea port at a cost of over $60 billion taxpayer dollars per year? The cowardly comedy of cargo ships of disease infected Haitians running ashore, planes purposely crashing into the Florida seas, all foreigners begging to be shot by the milksop Coast Guard least they be allowed to walk ashore and steal more U.S. jobs. Why shout Economic Security but turn cowardly as Asiatic and Arabic hordes flood our high-tech companies and universities, stealing secrets, jobs and depriving Americans of a higher education? You proclaim "America for the Americans" but swifty condemn those whom speak of open U.S. borders as "hate mongers." You smell treason when one talks of the truth and facts. You stubbornly retreat silently into your own troubles and all that remains is desperation and suicide.

    Do not find it astonishing that Canada's prime minister spokesperson, Ms. Francoise DuCros, publicly called the U.S. President a moron. This President surrounds himself with Jewish war mongers eagerly waiting to sacrifice American blood and money for non-American interests. His anti-national security programs are written by small confused tradesmen, then hastily enacted into law, hoping to avoid public notice.

    Devoted Americans, stand up and demand a United States that belongs to you -- a United States under God -- a United States that shall preserve the ideas set forth by the Forefathers - those of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" for the American people -- a United States that is free from foreign ursurpation. This is the historic mission of the decent American working people from all social classes and all walks of life.

    Employment and prosperity for all Americans!

    This is the battle cry against the rotting world of Socialism!

    Away with the empty rhetoric. Risk looking cold reality in the face.

    The day of freedom is coming if only you want it!

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    Post NewYorkStorm

    Good post!

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    Post Re: Strapu

    Every day I go out and every day I find fewer and fewer people who hold a nationalistic attitude. "We're in the U.S." they say. "We just want to make money." They fail to understand that in order to make money one first has to have a solid and firm government, protection of a nation's assets, solid and firm beliefs etc. In general, those I usually meet in everyday life are weak pacifists. Disgusting!

    I will beg, borrow and steal. I will lie, slander, libel and do anything and everything to convince the masses that if you like the U.S. you better be willing to protect it from all forms of ursupation, the most dangerous being the uncontrolled immigration of peoples from any country in the world. There are not enough JOBS to go around for even the American people.

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    Post NewYorkStorm

    There are not enough JOBS to go around for even the American people.
    There is no "American" people anymore. All that it means to be an "American" today is to be born here. We lost the country beginning with the traitor Lincoln, and if we ever regain it back we shall have to TAKE it back!

    This is why I advocate for all White Americans to begin the revolution by just saying NO to the fed income tax. If we jam a mop handle into the spokes of the I.R.S. wheel it will do more than anything else for toppling the federal behemoth, which is nothing more than a glorified country club for both major political parties, consisting mostly of lawyers who all should be hanged.

    Any White man who believes that this system is going to improve, or that he is being represented by either major political party, had best understand that he has been glued to the boob tube too damn long!
    Our dumbed down educational system, thanks to the red jew, has made it a virtual certainty that any proposed improvement is more garbage designed to lure the gullible into thinking that the government is legitimate and working.
    Every single one of the "representatives" in Washington has supported rampant immigration, again fostered by the red jews, and if that isn't enough, this same government wants White men to fight a war in Iraq and risk White lives for no other reason than that Iraq is Israel's biggest enemy. Wake up White man!

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    Post Re:

    What you say is mostly true. For me to be an American is like it was until the early 1960's. A WASP or Catholick, but must be white. I do not consider any foreigner from any nation other than what the founders wanted, Northern European countries, to be Americans. I.e. Asians, Arabs, Mexicans, South Americans etc. I am undecided as to the Negroes. Maybe sub-American might best explain them.

    Everyone has their own methods. I do not think there will be general support for tax evasion. In my view taxation is necessary for community services like bad weather, roads.

    Education of the people is first. Followed by massive demonstrations and boycotting. These two methods are really quite effective. The Jews are partly the problem, although I do not think the entire problem. Even the good Doktor admitted that the Jews could not be blamed for everything.
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    In my view taxation is necessary for community services like bad weather, roads.
    Taxation is what defeated the South and allowed the despot Lincoln to turn the Constitution into a worthless document. Everything since has been just a further enhancement of that agenda.
    What difference does it make if the roads are good if you aren't driving on them? To hell with building good roads with White tax money so turd worlders can take the jobs and enjoy the benefits. Cut the tax money off and you cut off the source of the federal leviathan. It should have already been done. If White people were as race conscious as jews and niggers, jews and niggers would already be extinct!

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    OMG strapu, that is really funny, did you make that yourself? HAHAHAHA ALLOW ME TO SPAM THE NET WITH THAT PICTURE.....

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