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The Norwegian royal house is foreign by blood (Oldenburg - German). They should not sit where they are. We need a new
Apparently the current blood-line is not German...

Aftenposten 14 oct

Doubts raised over King Olav's lineage

A new book by Tor Bomann-Larsen makes a sensational historical investigation that raises new questions about who King Olav's biological father really was. Bomann-Larsen makes an interesting case for King Haakon's royal physician Sir Francis Laking as Olav's real father, newspaper Dagbladet reports.
The revelations are published in the second volume of Bomann-Larsen's history of King Haakon and Queen Maud, which is due to be launched today. The book, entitled "Folket" (The People), is published by Cappelen.

Bomann-Larsen argues that Queen Maud's personal physician Sir Francis Laking was Olav's biological father, and investigates a secret hospital stay in London by the queen in October 1902.

The book contains a photograph of Laking's son Guy Francis Laking, born in 1875, who bears a striking resemblance to the adult King Olav. Bomann-Larsen also raises the possibility that Laking's son was a possible sperm donor for Queen Maud, and that Olav was the result of artificial insemination.

The author does not draw any final conclusions, but bases his arguments on a range of sources from state archives and European royal records.

"This is a sensation that must shake us all," said professor and historian Hans Fredrik Dahl, who now believes the relationship between King Haakon and son Olav must now be re-examined.

Reigning King Harald - son of Olav - said that he had no information to indicate that King Olav was not King Haakon's son, according to a palace press release.

"Each author is fully entitled to present his interpretation of history. This also applies, of course, to Tor Bomann-Larsen's biography of King Haakon and Queen Maud," King Harald said in the release.

Haakon, Maud and Olav V*King Haakon, originally Danish Prince Carl, married his cousin Princess Maud in 1896.

*Maud was the daughter of Britain's King Edward VII and a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. If Bomann's theory proves correct, the present royal house of Norway is British on both sides.

*Olav, originally Prince Alexander, was born in England in 1903, roughly nine months after his mother had a secret hospital stay in the care of doctor Sir Francis Laking. Controversy has dogged the birth of Olav since King Haakon was alone on a two-month tour of Denmark around the time of conception.

*In 1905 Norway formally declared independence from Sweden and elected Prince Carl as first modern king. Carl insisted that his monarchy receive public approval in a referendum and only then ascended the throne as King Haakon.

*Olav was legally designated Norway's crown prince when Haakon and Maud took the throne, making the current monarchy legitimate, even if it is later established that the bloodline from Haakon has been broken.