You know seems like hate and anger keep popping up on this site. Just my two cents of what a successful Germanic community looks like:

Take the Amish/Mennonite population of the United States. I do disagree with some of their beliefs such as non-violence which can be necessary to defend yourself at times, but generally they are a successful Germanic community. Their population is not under threat, in fact is growing, economically they are doing well and they live in communities that have their own culture, language etc. All this is done by relatively simple minded people with no more than an 8th grade education.

I don't see any of them at hate rallies. I don't see them threatening immigrants, I don't see them doing crimes, I don't see them posting insults towards other groups etc. Why would they?

I can't understand the hate myself unless you are a person that feels powerless and threatened by others, or maybe some personal experience is clouding your judgement (like a crime against you). I think pigs are inferior to me but I don't hate them. I don't think its rational that anyone can isolate themselves from people who are different either, other than perhaps having their own ethnic community/church like the Amish.

Frankly I don't see how preserving my own group necessitates me to hate or attack others. The fact that this group or that group is stupid or does crime or whatever is an interesting foot note but too often mentioned in these forums. There are cases where if you are threatened you must fight back. If by some off chance I was being attacked by a group of racists from another race I will flee or fight back or do what is needed for survival, but I'm not going to seek them out and threaten them. Its absurd.

I have no problem getting along with people in a multiracial environment provided there are standards of conduct and rules that everybody abides by, but that is given for any group including those of your own race.

Nor do I see ethnic nationalism as a rational philosophy. It sprung up in a time when nations were little more than city states (take England which is now part of the larger United Kingdom. Take the various small German states that United.). Maybe a small nation could successfully be mono-ethnic but that would require the support of the majority of the population or at least the elites which doesn't exist.

Part of living in society with other human beings is you have to respect them and act in a lawful way. You don't always get what you want. Rather than being angry over it and complaining all the time, the only logical thing to do would be to excell in the environment you live in. The wealthier and more powerful you become the more capable you are to influence the world around you. This means you can possibly build communities and influence politics.

Yet even here you must act civilly. If you form a racial community on 100 acres of land for example you could probably do well if you foster a positive image among others and by and large abide by the law. You will probably end up being sued or land siezed by the government if you preach hate and constantly foster conflict with the society and people around you.

The most rational form of ethnic nationalism for today would be something similar to the zionist. By having a network and community within a nation, and then perhaps seeking a small piece of autonomous land. Yet as far as I can tell the ability to organize even into a small local church that is productive and capable of working within society doesn't seem possible with racialists at this point.

You know just yesterday I saw a comedy skit on TV about how superior Indian doctors were to us. They said they were smarter than white people and exotically beautiful. Constantly this false propaganda of white inferiority and non white superiority and white guilt and so on is pushed on us. I'm not looking to do injustice in the world and hate people and destroy them because of the color of their skin.

I'm looking for a world in which all people are treated with respect and the best are allowed to excell and people and groups take responsibility for their own failures. I feel that the white supremacists who preach hate and wallow in ignorance do more to destroy our race than to help it and at least in my case that is the sole source of my white guilt. I feel ashamed of my race when I see people like this.