"Total Population by Mutually Exclusive Race and Hispanic Origin"
"Population Under 18 Years by Mutually Exclusive Race and Hispanic Origin"

Current population:

White: 35%
Black: 24.5%
Native: 0.2%
Asian: 9.7%
Other: 0.7%
Mixed: 2.8%
Hispanic: 27%

Under 18 years population:

White: 23.5% (down 11.5%)
Black: 29.3% (up 4.8%)
Native: 0.3% (up 0.1%)
Asian: 8.7% (down 1%)
Other: 0.9% (up 0.2%)
Mixed: 3.1% (up 0.3%)
Hispanic: 34.1% (up 7.1%)

ignoring the effects of immigration, the under 18 population will be how New Yorkers will look in the future . Factor in future immigration, and the Asian & Hispanic population will most certainly rise, in particular the rapidly growing Asian Indian population (Indians & Pakistanis have lots of kids ).

One minor detail I forgot, on the bright side 1/3rd of the Hispanic population in NYC is 'white', which add's 9% of to the current white population of NYC (i.e. from 35% to 44%).

NYC will be just another brown city