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Thread: Rethinking the White Australia Policy

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    Rethinking the White Australia Policy

    Rethinking the White Australia Policy


    Over the past thirty years, Australia, along with just about every other Western society, has been transformed by a revolution engineered from the top down by the leading echelons of the corporate welfare state. New Class cadres of managers, professionals, politicians and academics have dismantled the foundations of Australian nationhood laid down at the time of Federation.
    Continue reading here:

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    Yes that was quite an interesting article by Prof. Drew Fraser. Thank you for posting this link!

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    Back in 2006 I had the pleasant opportunity to attend one of the speeches of Professor Fraser when he visited here in Perth. The speech was held at a local park community centre and the attendance was relatively minor about thirty people or so, of which were mostly middle-aged and elderly individuals. Me and my friend were the only young people there, a shame because Professor Fraser spoke of some interesting and relevant issues.

    He spoke about a range of topics, particularly he stressed on the necessity to create a movement in Australia to secure Anglo-Saxon interests, identity, and heritage as a counter defensive measure to the policies being placed here regarding multiculturalism. He suggested that the inherent cause of the problems Anglo-Saxons face is rooted within their own history and mentality traced to the decent into unchecked altruism and the systems of law that left them vulnerable. He divulged on us his own struggles with the Australian media which eventually led to his dismissal from Macquarie University. He also stressed on the various social consequences that would arise from accepting large scale black African immigration to Australia.

    Upon conclusion of the speech I posed a question to the professor in relation to how the youth particularly aspiring university students who care for their heritage should deal with the pressures being laid on the expression any form of nationalism especially within the academic spheres. To which I recall he urged students who cared for their identity to become organized and start small with simple groups much like “the feminists started” in other words using the tools of the enemies against them.

    Afterwards I was approached by one of the middle aged ladies there who was almost in tears as she bestowed her gratitude on me and my friend that there were at least a couple of youngsters who came and showed their support for their heritage by listening to this speaker. I was very flattered with this gesture yet slightly overcome with melancholy with the fact that I was not of Anglo-Saxon heritage and that it should have been other true sons of this country there standing beside us showing support and receiving this woman’s embrace.

    Never the less it was a rewarding experience to hear this speech as I managed to record the whole thing on my Creative MuVo Mp3 player which I will happily upload here on Skadi for those interested.

    I must apologize though for the quality of the audio since I recorded it on an Mp3 player. Perhaps if someone has a good sound program they are able to clean up the audio. The file is WAV format.

    Link to file:

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