Land of the Free?


James Buchanan

Before the twentieth century, America was able to survive without any federal police agencies. When the FBI was created, many Americans were afraid it would be used to spy on ordinary Americans. Back in the 1920s, there was a serious threat posed by Communism and a growing problem with organized crime. Both the organized crime and Communist problems were rooted in the Jewish community. If American immigration policies had kept out Jews, there would have been no Jewish Communists or Jewish mob bosses and no need for the first federal police agency.

Any objective study of Communist revolutionary movements would discover one Jewish ringleader after another. Not only were the Jews the backbone of the Communist movement, they were later found to be the most damaging spies in American history, including the two Jews, who gave Stalin the atom bomb secrets. Jews have typically placed either the Soviet Union or Israel as their first loyalty. Not only have Jews spied for the Communists, Jews like Jonathan Pollard have been caught spying for Israel. In the case of Pollard, Israel may have been re-selling much of the information he obtained to Red China simply as a way to make more money for Israel. Ironically our national security agencies refuse to admit that Jews are a security risk mainly because the Jews have attained so much political power that the truth about them has been suppressed for generations.

The Russians had discovered the subversive nature of the Jews during the nineteenth century. Instead of expelling the Jews, they continued to try to coexist with them. Jewish anarchists repaid this kindness by assassinating Czar Alexander in the 1880s. The Jews continued to stir up class hatred in Russia. By 1917 with Russia weakened by a defeat in World War One, the Communists were able to overthrow the Russian government, murdering the Royal family down to the youngest prince and princess. A few years later, Jewish commissars were mass executing dissidents in all the major cities and starving to death millions of peasant farmers in the Ukraine. The Jews maintained control in the Soviet Union through brutal police state agencies. The NKVD and KGB spied on ordinary Russians, looking for dissidents, who were then either exiled to labor camps in Siberia or liquidated with a bullet to the back of the head. (The same Jewish "tender loving care" can be seen in how modern day Israelis treat Palestinians.)

In recent years, we have seen the result of increasing Jewish control over our government. The Clinton administration had a record number of Jews. During the Clinton administration, the BATF and FBI carried out the worst massacre of innocent civilians in peace time at Waco. Clinton also pushed for more gun control and corrupted the judiciary by appointing some of the worst leftists ever to be federal judges. Somehow horrible oppression and police atrocities always go hand-in-hand with Jewish influence. Today, the Jews have increased their influence to the point, where they can order our president to wage a war of aggression against Iraq simply because Israel tells him to.

As if the Jews completely controlling our foreign policy isn't bad enough, the Jews are pushing for the addition of two new agencies that will no doubt assist the BATF and FBI in oppressing ordinary Americans. The first agency is of course the Department of Homeland Security. Because the FBI failed to do its job and the INS failed to keep out dangerous foreign nationals, the federal government tells us we need a NEW agency, which they promise won't foul up like their predecessors. In case you don't think Homeland Security won't be intrusive enough, "Top U.S. national security advisers are discussing the creation of a domestic intelligence organization that would take over the FBI's responsibility for counter-terrorism spying and analysis, government officials and intelligence experts told The Washington Post in a report published Saturday." (Ref. 1)

The Homeland Security Department will ultimately have 170,000 employees. Of course we could solve the problem of "Homeland Security" by adopting a policy of strict neutrality in the Middle East. The Jews however don't like this solution so we will get stuck with the bill for another gigantic federal police agency, which will no doubt spy on political dissidents, especially those critical of Israel. Given the long history of Jewish brutality and oppression, do we really want the federal government to have increased resources for domestic spying and a huge increase in size and power?

1).U.S. Considering New Spy Agency



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