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Thread: Southern brazilians are related to Italian/Germans than Portuguese

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    Post Southern brazilians are more related to Italian/Germans than Portuguese

    ''The most frequent Y chromosomes in white Brazilian
    males belonged to haplogroup 1 (54%)''

    ''Accordingly, this haplogroup was seen in 60%of the Portuguese tested. In Brazil, haplogroup 1 showed
    discrete regional variation, with the LOWEST frequency in
    the SOUTH.''

    ''Second in frequency (18%) was haplogroup
    2, which has a rather wide geographical range that includes
    Europe, Africa, and Asia. This haplogroup was
    also the second most common among the Portuguese
    (13%) and is known to be especially frequent in Italy
    (Previdere´ et al. 2000), from where 30% of the European
    immigrants to Brazil originated (Ribeiro 1995). Haplogroup
    2 showed regional variation, having the highest
    frequencies in the south (29%) and in the northeast
    (18%). Its relatively high frequency in the south of Brazil
    is probably related to the large Italian immigration to
    this area. The increase in frequency in the northeast is
    very discrete and could be caused by chance, but it is
    interesting to observe that this region was under Dutch
    domination for almost three decades in the 17th century.''

    ''Our attribution of the origin of most Brazilian
    haplogroup 2 chromosomes to Europe is reinforced by
    the low frequency (.5%) in Brazil of the Asian haplogroups
    EA (Hammer et al. 1998) and 20 (which has the
    highest frequency in Korea and Japan) (Shinka et al.
    1999) and of sub-Saharan African haplogroups. The
    same applies to haplogroup 3, geographically distributed
    in northeastern Europe and Asia (Zerjal et al. 1999),
    which was observed in 3.5% of the Brazilian males. The
    fact that it was seen almost exclusively in the south of
    Brazil (table 1) suggests a European origin.''
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