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Thread: Progressive Party Critical of Iceland’s Government

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    Progressive Party Critical of Iceland’s Government

    Progressive Party Critical of Iceland’s Government

    In a recent blog entry, chairman of the Progressive Party, Sigmundur Davíd Gunnlaugsson, criticizes the Social Democrat-Left-Green minority government, which the Progressive Party agreed to defend from a vote of no confidence.
    Gunnlaugsson accuses the government of indolence and of not having fulfilled the terms made by the Progressive Party when the Social Democrat-Left-Green coalition was formed, Fréttabladid reports.
    “All sorts of bills are being piled up by the government and many of them are important matters, but not so important that they cannot wait for the next government,” Gunnlaugsson writes.
    When asked which matters should have been prioritized, Gunnlaugsson said the government should have focused on economic matters and reviewing the constitution. However, the Progressive Party will continue to back the government, he assured.
    Minister of Finance, Fisheries and Agriculture and chairman of the Left-Greens, Steingrímur J. Sigfússon, told Fréttabladid that he had not read Gunnlaugsson criticism, but that he had met with him often in recent times and not noticed his discontent.
    “These matters are coming along nicely; the first bills will be released from the respective committees this week, apart from the new laws on the Central Bank, which have already been passed,” Sigfússon said.
    The minister added that the government is waiting for a report from the Central Bank on the state of households and after that it will be decided how the problem will be dealt with. The report is expected later this week.
    Sigfússon said he is not concerned that the Progressive Party will go back on their promise of support. “The cooperation has been successful […] but I’m waiting to hear what [Gunnlaugsson] means.”
    Gunnlaugsson attended a meeting with a delegation from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) yesterday, where the Progressive Party’s proposals were discussed. Gunnlaugsson said he couldn’t reveal any details but that the meeting had gone well.

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    sometimes when a party doesn't like a bill that has support of the majority they start to make many long speeches only to delay the process. don't know the english word for this.
    this is what concervatives are now doing. and there was even a left wing protest outside the parliament house to protest this.

    the concervaties think that the constitutional bill should be postponed and in stead other more immeadiate issues should be dealt with.

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