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Thread: Eurofascism - an Introduction

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    Eurofascism - an Introduction

    Eurofascism - an introduction

    < Hello, Fjordman!
    Some words from the Bizarro Fjordman >

    Roger Griffin is a British political theorist based at Oxford Brookes University, and one of the most prominent researchers on fascism, including post-WWII-fascism; my own field of interest.
    In the paper “Europe for the Europeans: Fascist Myths of the New Order 1922-1992″ (Humanities Research Centre, 1993, also available here), he summarises Eurofascism and its ideas.
    Here I will present some quotes from that paper, together with some comments of my own. My hope is to - in this way - shed light upon some of the central tenets of Eurofascism, and also to give further examples of the connections a number of European far right parties have to anti-Semitic, anti-liberal and anti-democratic groups. This will be the first of two posts tracing the ideological roots of Vlaams Belang and other European political parties of today.

    The European mission of Germany. Nazi poster.

    Let me begin with a quote on Mussolini:
    An example is the 1931 article written for the Popolo d’Italia, 4 September, `Is the White Race Dying Out?’, which shows that official Fascism had both a supra-Italian and a racist dimension quite independently of the Pact of Steel with Nazi Germany. Mussolini’s most scholarly biographer, Renzo de Felice, points out that it was after the Ethiopian War and under the influence of the nationalist Oriani, the demographer Korherr and the philosopher Spengler that `Mussolini underwent a decisive phase of ideological evolution and involution’ which `led him to believe that Europe and the world were undergoing a profound “crisis of civilization” [...].
    The idea of “a crisis of civilisation” has always been important to fascists, and indeed to many totalitarian groups both in the Western world and elsewhere. For instance, the well-known Egyptian Islamist Sayyid Qutb begins his “Milestones” with the following exclamation:
    Mankind today is on the brink of a precipice, not because of the danger of complete annihilation which is hanging over its head - this being just a symptom and not the real disease - but because humanity is devoid of those vital values which are necessary not only for its healthy development but also for its real progress. Even the Western world realises that Western civilization is unable to present any healthy values for the guidance of mankind. It knows that it does not possess anything which will satisfy its own conscience and justify its existence.
    To the Nazis, the crisis was multifold. The main culprit of the story was, however, as so many times before: the Jews were of course given most of the blame. The Nazi party was rushing in, ready to save Germany - and Europe in general. Consider these two Nazi posters:

    Our last hope - Hitler
    Europe is under attack! With the voluntary Flemish legion in the battle against Bolshevism!

    Fascism has, like any other ideology, evolved and adopted over time. The parties I have identified as Eurofascist are not directly comparable to the Nazi party, although there are ties to pre- and post-WWII fascism to be found in every single case, and although there are connections to White Power-groups, violent private militias, etc.
    What today’s Eurofascists have in common with the fascists of the past is - however - essential. One of the things they do have in common are the claims of an imminent civilisational crisis. This time around it is Muslims who are the enemy - and according to the fascist mythology they are supported by other groups, the ‘inner enemies’: socialists, multiculturalists, European Union-bureaucrats, liberals, etc. “White Europe” is being threatened - there is only one alternative:
    Vlaams Belang - the only alternative

    Eurofascism - an introduction <

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    Griffin's definition would have to include movements such as Neoconservatism. There are parallels between neocons and Qutb that were pointed out at the time. Griffin points out that fascist movements are palingenetic but also that most political movements have eements of palingenesis which are related to offering hope. Without any cut off point any movement can surely be considered fascist at least when it is under strain and paranoia sets in.

    His definition of fascism is as such:

    In other words, it seeks, by directly mobilizing popular energies or working through an elite, to eventually conquer cultural hegemony for new values, to bring about the total rebirth of the nation from its present decadence, whether the nation is conceived as a historically formed nation-state or a racially determined 'ethnos'.
    By this definition Mao and Stalin would surely be fascists, a definition most would disagree with. He does succinctly describe a political tendency it just seems inappropriate to call it fascism.

    An irony is that whilst his work has been cited to taint dissidents as fascist the rise of "Eurofascism" parallels trends in Cameron's muscular liberalism and so on. For that matter post-Marxist antifa seem similar in my eyes. Their vision of a future is completely palingenetic and formed by paranoia of racism and anti-Semitism. To interpret them so requires that one recognises the human race as a genetically determined ethnos. It undoubtedly is: even those among them who support animal rights and anti-racism, do not go the whole way to deconstruch the mythical ideal. Though it is implicit any notion of universal human values begs the question of which humans. No one asks this question because it is unavoidably a Western cultural hegemony of sorts that they express. I dread a future in which both kinds of western supremacy are merged and racism or homophobia are sufficient pretext for invasion, primarily weaponised against Moslems but also other outsiders such as the Orthodox. And methods of no platforming and pathologicisation (psychiatry) will be used against domestic dissent.

    Griffin would probably agree that those who do not look to the past are doomed to repeat it. However he condemns Eurofascism by association with Hitler, when the defeat of Hitler quickly became integral to Western supremacy narratives including most of what Griffin calls Eurofascism today. The defeat of Hitler has unashamedly become a justification for interventionism and meddling ever since. Damning criticism of present regimes and political trends require an open recognition that Nazi Germany had a right to exist and persue her policies as had Great Britain, Poland or France. After all WW2 was unfinished business from WW1 and the racism shown towards Germany. What comes around gets around.

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