Teen columnist: The problem(s) with affirmative action

Thus, while affirmative action appears on the surface to be a mechanism against racism, under further scrutiny it emerges as a system based on racism itself

Imagine a business owner interviewing people for a high-profile job. After meeting with numerous applicants, the owner narrows the list of potential employees to two: a white male and another person.

This second person belongs to a minority group, but apart from racial differences, the two final candidates are identical. Whom should the business owner hire?

According to affirmative action, the minority candidate should be offered the job.

Ponder for a moment what would happen if the owner were to hire the white male. Think about the uproar such a choice would cause.

Civil liberties unions and minority associations would be up in arms, complaining of discrimination.

But it’s doubtful that the hiring of the minority candidate would be met with such fierce resistance.