Right now you and your family are poorer and less secure than you were four years ago. Actually as an aggregate, the average American has experienced real wage freezes for the past thirty years, and the working class has experienced a relative decline in real wages relative to inflation.

Our pop culture media polarizes issues in a lowest-common-denominator format. We are told that globalization is part of “free-trade,” and those who oppose what is called ‘globalization’ are isolationists and socialists.

But what if we are living under a false dichotomy? What if we are missing the big picture, and are being led down the wrong path do to the agenda of our elites?

I will propose that we are living under a mass conspiracy, but not the type that one hears about in Hollywood scripts with evil villains and secret handshakes, but one based on simple self interest.

I would argue that the root of our problem is issued in the profit maximization motive. I would argue that many of our assumptions we hold dear are less than fully correct and have created self-fulfilling prophesies that are imperiling our very civilization.

The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits.

-Milton Friedman

If a firm’s sole responsibility is to increase profits, by implication its social responsibility is to limit free trade. There is no other way about it.

Let us assume that we exist in a state of perfect competition. In this state, there is symmetrical knowledge among firms and workers, equal opportunity to enter the market, and in the long run, profit is zero, that is, revenues are only enough to cover operating costs. The consumer wins with low prices, and fantastic customer service. The firm loses because he slaves away for zero net benefit. If this scenario describes the state of perfect competition, then we must be living in a state of less than perfect competition because successful firms reap huge rewards.

If firms exist to maximize profit, than one of their primary purposes should be to limit competition. After all, monopolies reap the hugest profit margins. It is only logical to try to limit competition, if this is the sole purpose of a business.

Allow me to give examples from the historical record of how individuals and firms actually function this way when adhering to the profit-maximization principle.

One of the most famous examples of illegal markets in the history of the United States has been prohibition. Although the disastrous results are widely known today, it is largely unknown that some of the biggest influences in the prohibition movement were large firms in the substitute goods industries. That’s right, Welch’s Grape juice, A.I. root beer, and even coca cola where right there alongside moral do-gooders lobbying congress to ban sales of alcohol in the 1920’s. The companies colluded, perhaps without ever saying a word to each other, to lower the levels of competition in the beverage industry.

Another similar example would be the war on drugs. In the Nineteenth century every neighborhood had an herbalist, homeopath, and apothecary. Home remedies were much more common than pharmaceuticals, yet the latter industry had more organization and lobbying power.

The American Medical Association founded 1847, and American Pharmaceutical Association founded 1852 were huge lobbies that sought to limit competition by outlawing the products of traditional herbalists, making it an almost obsolete practice today. If you wonder why marijuana is illegal, look to history to find the self-interest of substitute goods lobbies, masquerading as moral altruists, and you will need look no further.

This is true for the banking industry as well, who lobbies the government to outlaw the practices of credit unions, and for native companies in all industries to lobby the government to limit the entry of foreign firms into the domestic market through tariffs.

What about labor? What is the end result of labor under the profit maximization principle of firms? The end result of labor in a society operating under the profit maximization principle is multiculturalism. Yes, that’s correct, multiculturalism.

Today the multiculturalists join the United States commerce department in the open borders lobbying crowd. The collusion is not one of love, but rather a marriage of convenience. La Raza gets to expand their field of influence and the aggregate power of their ethnic in-group, and corporate America lowers aggregate wage rates and increase profits.

Yes, that’s right. Multiculturalism is a moral contrivance, that’s sole purpose is to lower wages.

The fact that anyone who opposes the open borders lobby is automatically branded as ‘racist’ is no more illogical than anyone who opposed the church to be branded as a witch or heretic, both of which have severe penalties in the coercive society in which the given apostate happens to live. The morality serves the selfish ends the elites and is not meant to lead to a universal understanding of truth.

Today, multinational corporations and ethnocentric interest-groups collude to wage a war against the middle class. Their medium for doing this is the federal government.

In order for one to lobby, one must have a definite in-group/out-group mentality. The in-group is the lobby and its constituents. The out-group is everybody else. Multiculturalists aims to destroy any sense of in-group/out-group mentality amongst the majority of Americans, while promoting their own ethnic and profit-driven agenda. The net result is that the average middle class American is poorer, more vulnerable, and less free than he would be in an America without multiculturalism, while the ethnic interest group and multinational corporation wield more power than ever before. Self-interest masquerading as altruism; if you disagree with it than you must be a Nazi.

Allow me to quote Pr. Samuel Huntington:

"The clash between the multiculturalists and the defenders of Western civilization and the American Creed is “the real clash” within the American segment of Western civilization. The futures of the United States and of the West depend upon Americans reaffirming their commitment to Western civilization. Domestically this means rejecting the divisive siren calls of multiculturalism.”

In order for America and the West to reassert ourselves we need a change in core philosophy. We need to look at competition as good, but not competition that only concerns the shortest time horizon, which externalizes negatives onto the future generation. After all, studies have shown that salaries and performance run into diminishing returns, i.e., a CEO is often less productive than a less rich CEO

So allow me again to quote an eminent business philosopher on what the purpose of a business is, and contrast this to Milton Friedman’s doctrine:

"To know what a business is we have to start with its purpose. Its purpose must lie outside of the business itself. In fact, it must lie in society since business enterprise is an organ of society. There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create and satisfy a customer."

- Peter Drucker

To satisfy a customer is the sole purpose of a business. Profit is necessary for the firm to stay afloat, but if a company satisfies a customer, profits will follow. We need to see ourselves on a wider time horizon, as members of a society, of a culture, and of a civilization that is worth preserving, one that we can proudly pass on to our children.

To quote Samuel Huntington again:

“Western Civilization is valuable not because it is universal but because it is unique.”

Our culture and civilization is unique, beautiful, and worth preserving. We must reassert our identity as a unique people. Our symbols are not of hatred and evil, but of purpose, strength and creativity. We are a unique people and a unique civilization, and if we are to survive we must reassert our moral courage in the world, and define ourselves as an in-group and defend ourselves against those who would attack us and try to lull us into our own death trap through guilt, greed and manipulation.

Together, all doing our part, we can triumph. The first step must be to reject the moral contrivance known today as multiculturalism.