Half of new mothers suffer post-natal depression because of a lack of families

A generation of new mothers is in crisis, the Tories have warned.

More than half are said to show signs of post-natal depression as they are increasingly left to fend for themselves after giving birth.

Maria Miller, Conservative families spokesman, warned women were floundering because they did not have the traditional family support and advice their own mothers could rely on.

What is more, the Government has failed to keep up with the dramatic changes to motherhood over the last 20 years, she said.

Up to 52 per cent of women reported signs of depression and 60 per cent felt they had not seen their health visitor enough during their child's first year, found a poll by website Netmums.com.

Mrs Miller, a businesswoman with three young children, admitted that she too initially struggled with motherhood.

'Like many women today, I had spent almost a decade working before becoming a mum for the first time. Yet the practical reality of a new baby left me struggling to get out of my pyjamas before lunchtime.'

A child's arrival can have a much greater impact on modern women than it did on their mothers and grandmothers, she added.

Childbirth is often delayed until women are in their mid-thirties, with established careers. So many go from a position of authority in the workplace to being at home all day with little daily support.....