Parliamentary majority forming for gay adoption

A handful of MPs from the prime miniter's Liberal party have broken with the party policy and said they would vote to allow homosexuals registered in a legal partnership to adopt foreign children.

The proposal has come before the parliament three times in recent years, with large support from the opposition. The support of the six Liberal MPs signals a parliamentary majority for providing gays with the same adoption rights as unmarried heterosexuals.

TV2 News reports that the six politicians include Karen Ellemann, Malou Aamund, Ellen Trane Nørby, Karsten Lauritzen, Michael Aastrup and the Liberal chairperson for the Foreign Policy Committee, Gitte Lillelund Bech.

Bech said that it was an issue of equality.

‘Above all we believe that children thrive from growing up with a family, whether they are homo- or heterosexual, instead of growing up in an orphanage.’

The government has previously vetoed the move as there were concerns that it would lead to countries taking Denmark off their list of approved adoption countries.

Homosexuals registered in a legal partnership are permitted to adopt children from Denmark, but the low numbers of available children means that most Danes look abroad for adoption.

Experience from Sweden, which gave gays equal adoption rights across the board in 2002, shows that the number of cross-border adoptions did not decline after the legislation was passed.