Coon in his work "The Races of Europe" considered East Norway to be mainly Hallstatt Nordid, with the type very concentrated in f.ex. Hallingdal and Gudbrandsdal and Østerdal in Hedmark. From what I know Hallstatt Nordid is equivalent too Lundman´s Göta typ.

But when looking at Lundman´s map from his work Nordens rastyper:

The area of IN is supposed to be predominantly västmanlandstyp:

...and the southeast of Norway isn´t highlighted as hotspot for Göta typ (the small black dots in the SVN area).

The IN area corresponds to the areas that Coon considered to be predominant Hallstatt Nordid.

The works only have one year between them (TRoE: 1939, NR: 1940). Why such different views? Who would be more correct? How does East Norway look today?