“College days at the University of Texas at Austin

I loved to study piano.
To learn, study and play the classics.
Bach, Mozart, and Chopin were so profound.
Any part of playing the piano like scales, chords,
right and left hand separately, I never got tired of it.
I can remember thinking that all I wanted in the world was an apartment with a place for a little garden,
and two or three hundred dollars a month,
and a piano and I would never leave music school ever!

One day I sat at the piano nine hours.
I had a clock and would stop it when I went to the bathroom,
or the phone rang.
Nine hours I sat there and studied, and that was a good day.
It is hard to write about music in words.
I would like to write about studying music but how to say in words,
what I thought in tones?
To a person who has never played piano it would be impossible, and that is basically everybody.
Rhythmic patterns, that one feels in ones stomach,
the sounds from a good piano, the tones, the vibrating strings,
and the mixtures of sounds made when two or more strings are vibrating at the same time.
It is interesting to hear just the cords,
two, three, four tones just listening to the intervals without any rhythm.
Intervals, chords, scales, tonal patterns,
all the words that describe music just may be used to awaken interest or remembrance from one who knows music.

From one who does not, maybe,
it would help me writing my book.
In the world there are just about as many pianists
as there are coon hunters.
And not many of either.
I love both but how to write an interesting book,
well it is interesting to me,
but neither is interesting to anybody else,
as coon hunters don’t read much and pianists don’t coon hunt!
So why not!
It is again the 'mutual attraction of opposites',
coon hunting and classical music, for example.
What could be more opposite?
Yin and yang,
Stonehenge and Trapper Jacks fur shed
stones and bones
the poet/warrior all good examples.

The 'mutual attraction of opposites'
is conceptually interesting
but people who like one, rarely like the other.
A true philosopher would,
but people,
are on average just not that philosophical,
and philosophers I have known
actually are not all that philosophical either.

I am interested in the concept of the philosophical opposites
of coon hunting and classical music and so was Jerry Dean
at the university of Texas.
Doctor Dean said so and used coon hunting to the class
as a model of freedom, exercise,
and such while he was describing how we needed to get out of doors and get some exercise.
All of you people are over weight or underweight.
He asked the class how many have gone coon hunting?
I was the only one who raised my hand
even though I had not ever had a good hound
or hunted coon with one,
however I had trapped for 10 years
I knew what he was talking about.
The concept of opposites attracting,
is conceptually interesting to a philosopher.
The idea of a well rounded person must of necessity
include opposites.
Mental, physical, violence, peacefulness,
tonal beauty and bullets.
See if I could put this concept into a coherent form
and publish it…
it is a great subject to write about…
and I could ramble on and on about it for hundreds of pages.
If… I could think of how to put the piano school thoughts
into words. Tones-words.

This concept is a good one even though most people read sxxx.
It is different!
The coon hunters need to be more intellectual
and the classical pianists need to be more heathern.
Don’t they?
It could be fun!
It may be the subject that I alone of all the people on the earth could write about well.
There is a little red neck in most people
and a little philosopher too!
A little musician,
a little warrior,
farmer gardener,
home brewer,
chef, hunter, weightlifter,
a little writer,
and a little viscous killer,
the thing I am trying to do here is put together
all the things I am interested in and know about.
Into some framework of order
so that I can write about them,
publish a book
and make a lot of money
so I don’t have to work anymore.

Thank you

J. Knife