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The Americans have shown that they are willing to go to war to achieve political and economic goals whether the wars are declared or not. The same applies for the Russians, the Chinese, the Israelis etc...

This of course is the main reason for war throughout history, most wars are not fought for self defense, there is always an attacking opponent which is waging war for the sake of achieving the political and economic goals desired.
Sometimes both are. This question is directed to all Germanics, not Non-Germanics.

"If the circumstances were to arise, that there was an opportunity to strengthen Germania dramatically either economically, or politically, or both), through military action,
Would you authorize such a military action or war knowing it would cost the lives of 20,000 youth?"

I would like to see how males versus females answer this.
In the words of the song writer-"War,what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!" Whist the unthinking herd continue to unquestionably follow the commands of the elite(safe in their underground shelters) they will continue to remain cannon fodder and deserve their fate.