The ultimate paradox of egalitarianism is, of course, the absolute necessity of a higher authority to render it feasible.

The only state of nature that exists within a framework of equality is the anthill, and amongst all of the flora and fauna mankind and emulated and aspired to, this particular phenomena never has really captured his imagination.

The metaphysics of equality is dogmatic - Athenian Philosophers under Pericles questioned the existence of the gods, but no intellect today is allowed to question the absurdity that all men are equal.

Therefore we all subconsciously must do extreme amounts of mental gymnastic to deny our everyday perception - Racism causes economic inequality; White men don't train hard enough for the Ten Yard Dash, but could win with a bit more hard work; every child can become the next Einstein with more studying, etc.

Therefore frustration is the end result of our rationalizing, and what does frustration lead to?

First of all, economically, as we already pointed out egalitarianism needs a Sensitivity-Czar in order to render it efficacious.

And if in modern day society, money = power then where does that leave us with our delusional worldview?

The obvious conclusion is the arms race, where nations seek to assert their self-esteem and need for recognition and 'equality' through the ONLY equality that really does exist; the possibility of mutual destruction.

Therefore, a future 'nuclear-power-civil-rights' group may manifest itself in the near future. This new idea is already becoming the new sheik idea in the Third World, who wish to automatically see themselves as true equals with the more economically advanced nations.

They will have the religion of egalitarianism on their side, of course.

This phenomena is already occurring with such sick and sociopathic states such as Iran, and North Korea. Pakistan already is in the club.

It is of my opinion that this club should remain as small as possible, for every transfer of this technology is an aggregate loss to the members that are already in the club, and a gain for every power-hungry nation with an egalitarian chip on the shoulder.

Lets imagine a world for a moment where Mugabe has nuclear arms. South Africa has nuclear arms. Somalia has nuclear arms....

If this thought makes you queezy, then it may be time to throw out those old John Lennon records, and start to question your assumptions about the Golden Calf of Equality.