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Thread: Christianity, Paganism and Values

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fafne View Post
    Don´t you value something more than you value other things?
    Usually when people use the term values they mean morals.

    But tradition isn't about defending values, it's about the intellectual qualifications to realize in oneself pure knowledge. When I speak of a degeneration it is almost always an intellectual degeneration which obviously happened before Plato on a broad scale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imperator X View Post
    I have already treated the subject of Christian (and Abrahamic monotheism's) intolerance to ancient indigenous religions... In #16

    The Abrahamic Religions have a record of intolerance absolutely unheard of in the ancient traditions.

    The "pagan" (suggest a better word if you have a problem with it) attitude was one of openness and tolerance. They would've been perfectly happy to accomodate Jesus as just another god, had the Christians not been so petty. As a matter of fact, it is common to see many Hindus wearing crucifixes because they accomodate Jesus as an avatar of Vishnu. How else did all these foreign gods get accomodated in Greece, Rome and in the farther reaches of the Empire? (Gaul, Britannia, etc.) It's not like the Romans went to Syria and said "Your Syrian gods are false, you may only worship Roman ones." That attitude is an Abrahamic one.
    There's nothing wrong with intolerance; it's only annoying to be subjected to an hypocritical and false superiority complex masquerading as an inferiority complex, or in the reverse order. Christians hate themselves so much and want to spread their misery, because it loves so much company. Everybody should feel shame for the Holocaust of Jesus on the Cross, since 'he died for our sins'. Jews only copied this Christian pathology after 1945, because they know how to exploit it like any televangelist:

    'It's such a better way of life to suffer in the name of another who [supposedly] suffered for you--why don't you care?! You have no values, not like us Judaeo-Christians, as our worldview is holier-than-thou! We own the media and the religious institutions, so we dictate the values. You don't like it, get out of your own country! You have nowhere to go and your own homelands are crap. Your ancestors were only ever good living in the shadow of the Jew on the Roman Cross. By the way, if you obstruct our imposition in the public sphere, that counts as persecution and we'll whine incessantly. We're here to stay and you better get used to it. '

    It is true that the Persians, Greeks and Romans who supposedly represent all Western greatness, were so open-minded their brains fell out. They swallowed the Semitic bug and destroyed themselves, only to become lunatics about Semitic culture. It's somehow impossible to get a divorce from Semites because they've infected everything so thoroughly. To even try makes one seem he's a lunatic, even though it's an attempt to cure a degenerate, corrupted West, coming from the heart. The Muslims are just the REAL Eastern Christians, as the Christians are just the REAL Western Muslims; both are just Jews adapted to local conditions--worming their way under the skin.

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