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Most of what anyone needs to know about European migrations and the foundations of our modern nations is to be found in Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 230 years or so ago. Anything else is mostly just filling in the details.

Don't mind me, though, keep it coming!
I do mind actually. But maybe you are playing some kind of Devils Advocate
to spur me to present more. Otherwise it looks like you are downplaying the contributions of germanics.
Think of this, if it were not for the Germanics, "Christian Catholoic Spain" would not have marched over the New World and basically conquered it in 25 years.
I doubt the Italians would have had the vigour.

The Spanish were all out for glory and "Botin" , booty. That word comes from Germanlic Bytin. The spanish books for example, use that word over and over.Instead of "tesoro" Treasure.